Aug 012014

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet Bit of a copout post here, but screw it. It’s Friday, and it’s not like my last 10 Friday posts were any better. For the last few months, I’ve been running something called Recycle Friday, where I give my many new readers the chance to read something from my archives that I thought was pretty timeless. And for the most part, the Read More [...]

Jul 312014

Tweet It’s Thursday, which means it’s your weekly helping of Vanessa. No, you cannot have seconds.  Teaching English to (mostly) adults has some pretty neat perks. For one, I get to have delightful discussions in my conversation classes about a whole range of topics — travel, weddings, philosophy, aaaaand, my absolute favourite… money! I bring up money and the economy SO often and I love hearing opinions from people of a different culture. Here are some things that I’ve learned: Girls get an allowance until they’re married, men until they Read More [...]

Jul 302014

Tweet A few weeks ago now, I went on the Twitter and asked my followers a simple question: Do you think I’m sexy? Wait. That’s not right. Besides, we all know the answer is yes. I’m sexy as all hell. Just call me Captain Sex Handsome, MD. Or Esq. Either or. The other question I asked was how many stocks you guys think should be in a portfolio. The results I got were basically all over the map. Robb from Boomer and Echo sent me two competing papers which said, Read More [...]

Jul 292014

Tweet Who wants to hear about my banking situation? (No hands raise. One person slowly puts up his hand, but the crowd all look at him disapprovingly. His hand goes back down.) WELL, TOO BAD SUCKERS. It’s simple. I do the majority of my spending either using cash or my one credit card. There are a few bills to pay (namely the credit card, but also stuff like power and water, things they won’t automatically take off my credit card), which gets done once a month on this very laptop, Read More [...]

Jul 282014

Tweet Because apparently all I invest in is retailers, the newest stock in the Uproar Fund is Danier Leather (TSX:DL). Danier Leather is Canada’s leading retailer of leather outerwear, accessories, handbags, etc. The company has 90 locations, split between malls and dedicated buildings it refers to as “power centers.” Approximately 2/3rds of revenue comes from shopping mall locations, while 1/3rd comes from power centers. Unlike many companies in the clothing industry, the company owns all its own manufacturing facilities in China. This allows it to continue to supply high quality Read More [...]

Jul 272014

Tweet Now that I’ve been in the country a few days, I’ve noticed a few things about the land of Korea (AKA Japan’s bitch). Here’s the lowdown, just in case you ever come and join me. That’s not an invitation, dammit. I was told before I left that folks would stare at me in the subway, like I was some sort of weirdo type foreign guy. This happened a bit (especially with young kids, they love foreigners), but what really struck me was how a lot of the older generation Read More [...]

Jul 262014

Tweet There are a few things I miss about Canada, now that I’m an intrepid world traveler hanging out in the land of kimchi and singing appliances. I miss all the Canadian food. My tummy isn’t so happy after a lot of Korean food. (I think it’s a shrimp/crab thing, which I’m allergic to. The internet says seafood is used as a base here a lot.) It’s hotter than the surface of the sun here. I miss being able to go outside without sweating my ass off. And I miss Read More [...]

Jul 252014

Tweet Everyone wants to be a better investor, right? I’d probably rather be a better lover, but there’s no improving upon perfection. Or maybe I should improve my baseball throwing technique. ARE YOU SAYING I THROW LIKE A GIRL? It’s not my fault. My Dad can barely throw overhand. It’s true. He was a softball pitcher when he was younger, because apparently they wouldn’t let him play on the boys’ team. Forget baseball. We’re talking about investing. Becoming a better investor should be the goal of everyone who takes the Read More [...]

Jul 242014

Tweet It’s Thursday, which means it’s Vanessa time. Hey, at least somebody is writing in this thing.  If you read quality academic studies of economies under dictatorships, you’ll find that the economy generally falters. However, in the entirely unscientific survey that I took with my English class, 3/4 people think that the best way to grow an economy is by having an authoritative leader. THAT’S 75% OF ALL KOREANS! #stats “Surely she must be joking!” you’re all saying. “Dictators have terrible human right violation records and democracy is A+!” Yes, well, Read More [...]

Jul 222014

Tweet Because I am the opposite of cool, I used to spend more hours than I’d care to admit watching Star Trek. Oh lord, I can’t believe I admitted that to the whole internet. That sound you hear? That’s my girlfriend frantically packing her bags so she can leave forever. Can’t say I blame her. Time for an impromptu ranking of my favorite Treks? Don’t mind if I do. The Original Series – Shatner is kind of annoying, and the special effects are lame. Grade: B- The Next Generation – Read More [...]