I’m a member of a local credit union. For the most part, my credit union is fantastic. They know my name, they call me if they have any questions, plus the girls they have generally are pretty cute. Oh, and competent.

I understand the love in that most bloggers have about banks like ING Direct. You pay absolutely nothing in fees. You get a better interest rate. Sub accounts are easy to set up. I get all that. I just don’t think they’re as good as everyone says.

And let’s not forget the big reason why these bloggers push online banks so much; the signup bonuses! Getting 10 readers to sign up at $25 per reader equals a pretty profitable blog post. I wonder why the¬†inherent conflict of interest it creates isn’t ever discussed…

Anyway, here’s 4 reasons why you should rethink your online savings account:

1. Customer Service: When you call or email ING Direct, does the person answering know you? Didn’t think so. Don’t underestimate the effect of your local bank knowing your name.

2. Limited Service: Unlike most of you, I don’t get paid via direct deposit. I’m not even sure how I’d go about getting a cheque to an online only bank. Would I mail it to them? Put it in an ATM? I’d just rather take it down to the local branch.

3. Who Does All Their Business At One Bank Anymore: I have an account at my local CU, a credit card at BMO, another credit card at Capital One, my mortgage at Firstline (part of CIBC) and one of my businesses has an account at ATB.

4. The Girls Are Cute: Did I mention that already?

Tell everyone, yo!