My battery powered toothbrush died recently.

That wasn’t a big deal, until I tried to open the compartment to change the batteries. No matter how hard I tried, the damn thing would not open. After 15 minutes, I gave up.

Since it’s only a toothbrush, I went to the local big box store to buy another. I went to the toothbrush section, and saw a competitor’s toothbrush was two dollars cheaper.

So I bought it instead.

Here’s the thing about toothbrushes: I don’t care. All I care about is that it does the job. I am a bad toothbrush customer.

There are good toothbrush customers. There are people who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a good toothbrush. Those people’s dentist probably never yells at them either.

If you sold toothbrushes, who would you rather have as a customer?

Think about what you sell. How are you marketing to your best customers? Are you marketing to your worst customers without even realizing it? What would happen if you simply got rid of your worst customers?

I’m not sure that people appreciate how much design matters for a successful product or service. Design what you do well, and you’ll find customers who care. There are people who care passionately about what you do. Find them and design the product for them.

Starbucks designed a better cup of coffee. Whole Foods designed an entirely new shopping experience. MLB Trade Rumors designed a whole website dedicated to baseball trade RUMORS.

Maybe today is the day you stop trying to sell everyone on what you do.

Tell everyone, yo!