Everybody’s life is filled with productive things and not so productive things. We all have things that we do that are, in reality, a giant waste of time. I enjoy playing poker, both online and live. Someone else might enjoy scrapbooking. Someone else maybe enjoys playing sports. Any activity somebody does in their spare time is going to have pros and cons, but at the end of the day, stuff we do in our spare time is simply a waste of time.

While there’s usually nothing tangible that results from our hobbies, there’s an important role they play. We can’t be busy all the time. We need some sort of activity that relaxes us. By doing things we enjoy, we decrease stress and make the tough parts of our lives easier.

Yet a recurring theme in the PF blog community is about the evils of t.v. Why would anyone watch t.v., they say. It’s such a waste of time. There’s so many other things a person could be doing while they’re pissing away hours staring at the boob tube. According to this old Get Rich Slowly post, you’ll not only save money on cable by giving up television, you’ll also spend less because you’re exposed to less advertisements. I find this incredibly unlikely considering the way advertising is everywhere these days. Get your info on the internet instead, you’ll be exposed to less advertisements. Is there an ad-free internet that I’m not aware of?

We all piss away time; some of us do it more than others. Perhaps you’ve given up television, yet you can piss away hours on the Facebook or the Twitter. Wasting time is one of the things that keep us sane. It isn’t so bad. There’s no rule that you have to be productive for every minute of your day. And if you feel you don’t have time to piss away, then maybe you’re a little too busy.

I understand the internet has changed the game for how people get information. Nobody has to watch television to be informed anymore. And you can even watch full episodes of your favorite show online. I’m not denying any of that. If you choose to get rid of tv because you’re too cheap to pay for both cable and internet, fine. Or if you find that it’s just not something you’re passionate about, great. Just don’t give yourself too much credit by claiming that you’ve become super efficient super human because of it.

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