This probably isn’t news to you guys, but I read a lot of PF blogs. A lot. I have over 150 saved in my Google Reader. And while the PF blogosphere is a sausage fest, there is a strong female presence.

Being a red blooded single guy, I feel lucky to be a reader of so many blogs about money written by hot chicks. These women are the ultimate of sexy: they’re beautiful, plus good with money! I think I’m in love with all of them. Here’s a list of my favorite ones:

(Oh, and don’t worry ladies. These are in no particular order. You’re all my favorites.)

1. Fabulously Broke: The hardest working girl in the blog biz has 3 different blogs, the other two dealing with girlie stuff. She’s an IT consultant from Montreal, so she’s Canadian and could fix my computer. She is anonymous, which I think only adds to the mystique.  If she ever gets tired of those rude Quebecers, she could come out here.

2. Give Me Back My Five Bucks: Another hot Canadian blogger, Krystal lives in Vancouver with her obviously lucky boyfriend. While I disapprove of her decision to buy a new car, you have to give her credit for all she’s accomplished financially. Oh, and she just got laid off, so I wish her the best of luck getting a new job.

3. Small Steps For Big Change:  Here’s the entire reason why I like her so much. From Twitter:

“Why I left during the middle of sex- new post on my dating blog”.

I would probably cry myself to sleep if a girl did that. Well, after I, you know, finished up.

4. Squawkfox: Oh. My. Goodness. Kerry K Taylor, call me.

5. Billion Dollar Girls Club: A hot chick well on the way to financial success who has a club filled with other hot girls who are on their way to financial success? I think I just hit the sexy PF blog chick jackpot!

6. Stacking Pennies: The bad news for single guys is that this foxy blogger is getting married soon. The good news is that there’s still time to break it off… Or maybe we should just stick to reading her fun and informative blog.

7. Well Heeled: Even though this blog is named after shoes, I enjoy the variety of posts on stuff that isn’t about finance.

Did I miss any blog writing hotties? Let me know in the comments.

Tell everyone, yo!