Fresh off my post about making money playing online poker without actually playing poker, I’m thinking of yet another wacky business idea.

Basically, the idea is to be sort of like a broker between businesses and normal folk. You’d approach businesses with the idea of providing them with advertising on people’s cars. The cars would be equipped with a large ad over the back window, with smaller ads along the side windows. (assuming a four door car)

Both parties would sign up for a year contract. The business owner would pay for the cost of getting the vinyl sticker made, along with a monthly fee paying for the person to put the ads on their car. Both parties would obviously have to sign a contract. The broker would then pay most of the monthly fee to the car owner, keeping a set monthly fee for themselves. After a year, the business owner and consumer would both be approached to continue the relationship for the next year.

There would be problems, but nothing too major. You would have to have some sort of contingency plan in case the car owners decided to upgrade or leave town. The leaving town part would be easy to combat, just make the payment arrangements so that a cheque is mailed or hand delivered every month. If the cheque doesn’t get cashed, you know someone has moved away. As for the new car part, delivering the cheques directly to someone’s house would also give you the opportunity to check their vehicle to make sure they haven’t switched cars or had a change of thought about the whole thing.

There are companies doing this on a national scale. I think the concept would work much better in a local setting. In my small town, if I can get a list of 10 or 15 people who are interested in advertising on their cars, I can approach business owners with those names. Chances are, they’ll know one or two of those people, and hopefully be satisfied with their commuting patterns. If the broker can get some relatively well known locals to sell car space, this would appeal to business owners.

What do you guys think? Would this work as a sideline business?

Tell everyone, yo!