Sorry folks, not much preamble today. I went to a lacrosse game tonight and while I had a blast, I’m about ready to fall asleep. Let’s do this thang:

Four Pillars had an interesting post today on middlemen. When do they add value and when are they unnecessary?

Seth Godin asks what You Can Learn From A Bad Teacher. If you’re not reading Seth Godin, you should be.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only blogger talking about real estate last week. Larry McDonald got an offer in the mail for a substantial discount on real estate fees, while Canadian Capitalist encourages people to actually read the complaint against CREA from the Competition Bureau.

This post is from a little while ago, but Fiscal Geek asks if there’s any debt that’s good debt. He comes to the conclusion that there isn’t, a conclusion I don’t agree with. Still an interesting discussion.

As for the negative posts, The Simple Dollar points out his top 10 financial mistakes over the last year. Some of the reasons included are letting his personal inbox overflow and leaving too much money in his checking account, missing out on “nice interest returns elsewhere”. Hey Trent, not even keeping up with inflation in a high interest savings account isn’t a “nice” return. Oh, and he doesn’t even bother to mention the car he financed last year.

My rant against tipping was the featured post at the Festival of Frugality.

I also participated in the carnival of Personal Finance.

Political Calculations also featured my rant against tipping.

Tell everyone, yo!