If you’re an American reader, feel free to click the back button and resume watching Lady Gaga videos on Youtube. This post is about Canadian business television.

While I don’t spend as much time as I used to watching Business News Network (BNN) it still finds a way to get put on, especially after supper when I’m putzing around on the laptop. As every network does, there are good personalities and not so good ones. Because I’m a positive person (ed. note: you are?) let’s just focus on the ones I like.

Andrew Bell- I used to watch Squeeze Play for Kevin O’Leary. (And the lovely Amanda Lang) When Kevin left, I thought I was done with Squeeze Play forever. Yet something magical happened. I watched with Andy and Kim Parlee. And I was hooked. Andrew Bell is knowledgeable, hilarious and even a little snarky. He and Kim clearly have a great on air chemistry that makes the show even better than it was with the traitors.

Pat Bolland- Pat is articulate, wears funny bow ties and once appeared in Corner Gas. Awesome.

(As an aside, go to the BNN personalities page and check out Paul Waldie’s picture at the bottom. Does he look hungover or what?)

I haven’t seen Anne Gaviola much lately, so I’m not sure if she’s still on the network or not. If she isn’t, that’s just too bad. Anne was a great host, asking good questions and looking lovely while she did it. She must know I have a weakness for hot business-y looking chicks.

I just can’t be positive for the whole post. Michael Hainsworth, I know you’re not on Market Call anymore. I just can forgive you for asking every single guest 82 times where they thought stocks will be in a year. It was a little embarrassing to see a so called “professional journalist” do it.

Does anyone know who that hot blond was with Mikey during the Close the other day? Is she hosting all the time? Details people!

Okay, seriously for a second. My advice today is to always watch networks like BNN or CNBC with a bit of caution. Often, mutual fund managers and other guests have their own selfish interests at heart when recommending strategies. A talking head’s recommendation should never be a substitute for your own research. But more importantly, the business news creates a false sense of urgency when it comes to investing. There may be day traders who make money, but for the most part buy and hold is the way to go.

Tell everyone, yo!