Like most investors, I spend plenty of time searching online for information on stocks. Here’s a quick rundown on the sites I use.

Google Finance is the one I might spend the most time at. It has good information on financials, along with a good selection of news stories. An interesting feature is when the site places the dates of the news stories on the chart. It doesn’t sound like that cool of a feature, but you get used to it quickly.

Yahoo! Finance is a lot like Google finance, just not quite as good. I really enjoy the message boards, especially for companies that aren’t very liquid. The message boards are light on everything but entertainment value, so don’t read too much into them. It does have the best stock screener I’ve found though.

The website for the Toronto Stock Exchange is without a doubt the best source of information of Canadian companies. It’s also a pretty decent source of info for American issues as well.

I use Ycharts for comparing the book value of a company versus its sector. You can also use it to compare the numbers of a company in all sorts of categories compared to the sector averages.

I use the compound interest calculator at some site called Money Chimp. The site name obviously cracks me up.

And finally, you should go check out Contra The Heard. I love those guys.

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