And you can turn your back… But it won’t go away
And you don’t look scared… But you should be afraid
You can shut your mouth… But you still have a say
And you just don’t care… For tomorrow today!

Billy Talent- Turn Your Back

Okay, that lyric really doesn’t have a whole lot to do with this discussion. It’s still a cool song though.

This weekend, I’m taking the plunge. I’m moving this blog from I can hear the collective gasps from here. Don’t worry guys, there won’t be any problems. You’ll still get blogging goodness every day from my keyboard. You’re welcome.

The free version of WordPress is great for a blogger just starting out. They have all sorts of widgets, decent stats, as well as a nice interface that makes starting out a breeze. If you want, you can even get rid of the crappy address easily once you buy your own domain.

For all its strengths, there are a few major disadvantages to (not to be confused with, the paid version of wordpress) First of all, you cannot monetize your blog. WordPress places ads on your blog, not you. You’re also limited to only WordPress widgets, and while the selection is decent, any sort of third party widget won’t work. is great for getting started. Now that I’ve created a bit of something here, it’s time to upgrade.

From poking around the interwebs, I found two choices- WordPress (the upgraded version) or Typepad. The ability to customize templates with is impressive. So is the dazzling selection of widgets. Yet I’m not nearly advanced enough when it comes to that kind of stuff to utilize it.

Then there’s Typepad. Much like the free version of WordPress, it’s more of a platform for not so technically inclined people. While their selection of widgets isn’t as impressive, they support any third party applications. Another huge plus is the fact that they host the blog themselves. There’s no backing up of files and no worrying about figuring what hosting package to pick.

The other reason why I switched is I simply don’t understand When reading other people’s reviews, it was said many times that WordPress is for tech savvy people while Typepad is for people who want to focus on writing. Perhaps in the future I’ll switch again once I get WordPress.

Plus, Typepad got high marks for being endorsed by both Seth Godin and one of my favorite sites MLB Trade Rumors.

So while there shouldn’t be any disruptions this weekend while I do the switch, please be patient if there are. Also, I’ve purchased, so hopefully getting that set up as well shouldn’t be too difficult. Wish me luck!

Tell everyone, yo!