I love my new site. It’s all pretty and whatnot. Onto the links:

I participated in the Festival of Stocks at Fatpitchfinancials.com. Look here for when I host in a little over a week.

Jim Shaw (CEO of Shaw Communications) is hilarious.

There are way too many Canadians carrying debt into retirement says The Wealthy Boomer blog.

I participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance over at Well Heeled blog.

Four Pillars on why we blog. I blog for two reasons: to get the babes and for big piles of money.

Look for me to guest post (sort of) on 20s Money in the near future. It might even be up already. Why don’t you go look?

Christina Hendricks is quite lovely. This has nothing to do with personal finance. (Don’t worry, it’s safe for work)

Speaking of Esquire, they have many things guys should know about women.

Tell everyone, yo!