If you’re like me, you probably notice that opportunities come along when you least suspect them, and perhaps more importantly, when you don’t need them.

For instance, back when I worked at a grocery store I was approached by two cute girls. After chatting with them for a minute, one asked what I was doing later. I was going to visit my girlfriend at the time, so I told the girls that. Their response was something along the lines of “too bad, because we wanted to hang out with you”. Now I’m not saying that I was guaranteed a threesome, but that’s what my brain believes even to this day. And you wouldn’t want to take that away from me, would you?

Speaking of my grocery experience, I was approached by a company about a part time position that would, depending on the amount of hours worked, pay between $20-30 dollars per hour. It’s also something that could lead to full time employment, as the company has many opportunities. It’s also work that I know would be somewhat enjoyable and while it may not be the most mentally stimulating, it gives me plenty of opportunity to explore things that are.

I currently run one business and am an investor in another. I don’t spend much time at either, frankly. The business I have invested in doesn’t require much of me besides being involved in big picture meetings. As for the business I run, much like a lot of other self employed people, income is sporadic.  I have good months and bad months, busy months and not so busy months. I do have time to take on this project. The steady income is particularly attractive.

Much like every opportunity, even though I wasn’t really expecting it, there needs to be a nugget of dissatisfaction for me to even explore it. When I look deep down inside myself for the reasons for starting this blog, I think one of the reasons is because I wanted something to help kill time between jobs. Even though opportunities often come up when you’d least suspect it, you still have to be a little interested in a change to take it.

How do you know if an opportunity is good? Besides using the typical sniff tests, basically anything you get excited about is worth exploring. Like a lot of people, I really have no idea what my calling is. There are lots of things I enjoy, and in turn I spend time on all of them. If you’re like me and need more than one thing to amuse you, I’d really recommend having several projects on the go. That way you can move from project to project and not get bored.

The thing with opportunities is, for the most part, they’re easy to say no to. Why try something new when what you’re doing now is working for you? We get ourselves to the point where we get so fed up with our current situation that we’ll take whatever comes up simply to get out of it. Once we get to that point, are we really taking the best opportunities? Or are we just taking whatever comes up?

And just one last thing to remember: if you try something and you don’t like it, just quit. We give quitting such a bad rap. I believe that more people should quit more often. Life is too short to spend the majority of your day doing something you don’t like.

Tell everyone, yo!