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Anyhoo, we had many submissions to the Festival this week, so let’s do this thing!

Editor’s Picks

Investing Thesis presents Buy Sell or Hold Bridgewater Systems (TSX: BWC) With Daniel Lee With M Partners, a good analysis and good interview about a little known Canadian tech stock.

Dough Roller presents E-Trade Offers Free Trades for 60 days. Dough Roller must know I’m a sucker for free trades.

Also Good Stuff

The Financial Blogger presents TSX 60 Ex Dividend Date and YTD,   at each beginning of the month, we publish the TSX 60 stock performance. You will find the TSX 60 performance to date, their dividend yield and their estimated next ex dividend date.

Trading Sphere presents Stock Fraud, a primer on the different kinds of stock fraud that an investor needs to look out for.

One Mint presents India ETF List, a list of ETFs that provide U.S. investors a way to go long and short India.

My Wealth Builder presents Securities I Won’t Buy saying one reason I like investing in publicly traded securities is there is relatively low effort for the transaction or maintaining the investment. However, in the past year, I’ve learned there are “high maintenance” publicly traded securities, which typically fall into the category of partnerships.

The Oblivious Investor presents ETFs and Index Funds- Get The Ticker Right. Solid advice, there’s nothing worse than doing all sorts of research on a security and then accidently buying the wrong one.

Magic Diligence presents MFI Stock Review: Impax Laboratories. Impax Pharmaceuticals is a generic drug maker. While the company is a “Magic Formula mirage” due to the 8-week generic Flomax exclusivity period, it still is an attractive Magic Formula stock for a variety of reasons.

Darwin’s Finance presents Best 529 Plans: Everything You Need To Know a guide to everything you didn’t know about 529 plans from tax hacks to the best state plans.

ETF Base presents Pair Trade To Exploit NAV Premium In Physical Gold vs. GLD a unique market arbitrage opportunity in gold that’s playing out quite nicely – Pairs Trade with GLD.

Consumer Boomer presents Capital Preservation: Buying I Bonds They are an effective way to an investor to get fixed income without worrying about inflation.

PT Money presents A Discussion on Asset Allocation which includes some basic info on asset allocation and diversification.

Magical Penny presents Investment Risk A Long Term View. The biggest difference between saving in a savings account and investing in the stock market is when you go to check your account once a month the balance could be lower than what you put in!

The Digerati Life presents Transferring Your Brokerage Account? Switch Brokers With Ease, some helpful tips that explain how to switch brokers if you are unhappy with yours.

Fat Pitch Financials presents Special Situations Real Money Portfolio April 2010 Update The story of the Special Situations Real Money Portfolio continues again this past month. The performance of the portfolio is solid, you should go check it out.

And Finally, The Crap

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