How about that goal that gave the U.S. the draw against mighty England? Stupid England.

Money Smarts Blog had a post on the tenant from hell, The Stripper With Dirty Feet. You can also check out my story about my worst tenant I’ve ever had, The Guy Who Tried To Fight Me. In case anyone is still following the story about who I have in my basement, I have now rented it to a very cute, single government employee. I guess what I’m saying is that if you guys need me, I’ll be in my basement.

Garth Turner doesn’t care for people who hijack his comments section with their B.S. I add this because I’m going to be giving away a copy of his book in the near future.

The girl at Living Almost Large decided to buy a new car. I’m disappointed that I left the only critical comment so far. I find that PF bloggers won’t criticize anybody, even if they make horrible decisions. That’s bad.

I was in the Carnival of Money Stories this week.

I was also in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

I went 3 for 3 in carnival submissions this week, also participating in A Real Estate Investing Carnival.

If you’re not reading Andrew Hallam’s blog on investing, you should start.

The Oblivious Investor decided to merge his tax blog into his investing blog.

And it’s now time to watch Germany destroy Australia. See you kids later.

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