Today is a big day around here. Today, I’m officially launching the Uproar Fund!

The Uproar Fund (from here on in will be referred to as “the fund”) is my attempt to beat the market using my contrarian investment strategies, as outlined on my Tenets of Investing page.

I start out with $50,000 of my own money, buying what will end up being 15-20 positions in various stocks that meet the criteria. When I buy a position, I will post an update on my Twitter page and then blog about it in the next couple of days. Chances are, I will have done an analysis of it beforehand, so you’ll have a pretty good idea whether I like the stock or not.

You’ll get quarterly updates as to how well the fund is doing. I’ll also have a page where I’ll list the contents of the fund, as well as the price I paid and whether I rank the holdings as a buy, sell or hold. Over time, that page will grow to include the solds as well.

Since I am not a licensed investment advisor, you should obviously not buy the stocks I do just because I do it. I will not invest your money for you. You can always e-mail me for advice, but typically I’m not so keen on that type of thing.

I’ll post results of the fund every quarter, starting on July 1st. Since the fund will still be mostly cash at that point, the first few results will likely be somewhat boring.

The first ever position bought happened earlier on today, with my purchase of Nokia at $9.55 per share. I’ve set my target price at $23.50, for a 146% return. Remember that this stock has spent extended periods trading above the $30 mark as recently as 2007.

Be sure to check in often for updates on the fund. Hopefully I can beat the S&P 500.

Tell everyone, yo!