I eat a quite a few of my meals out. There are plenty of reasons including convenience, being social and the quality of food. But by far the largest reason is that I hate cleaning up after myself.

I just realized that makes me sound like a giant slob. It isn’t that far away from the truth.

I actually don’t mind cooking. While I’m no gourmet chef, I can do a pretty solid job of the basics. I can barbecue, I can cook a mean pasta. I can follow a recipe from the internet as well as anyone. And perhaps I’m biased, but I tend to quite enjoy the stuff I make. While cooking isn’t an activity I’d do as a living, I don’t hate it.

What I do hate is cleaning up. I can’t stand doing dishes. I always procrastinate doing them and they always end up gross and disgusting. When I do get around to washing them all I think about is how much I hate the whole process.

Enter a dishwasher. I’d have to get a portable dishwasher, since I’d have to upgrade my electrical panel box to have the room to install a build-in model, as well as doing some construction work in my kitchen. I’d rather avoid all that, so portable would have to be the route to go. For $500 I can buy a decent portable machine. The approximate cost of running said machine for a year would be about $50 in electricity and let’s add another $50 for detergent.

If I eat just one more meal at home per week (a savings of, lets say $10) I gain $520. The first year of operation of the dishwasher costs $600, including the cost of the machine. It would take approximately 14 months to make my investment back. If that was a stock, I’d buy that investment in a heartbeat.

The only concern I have is whether the dishwasher will actually change my eating habits or whether I just think it will. I do enjoy the social aspect of eating out with my friends and acquiesces and I don’t think that part of things will change. What would change is those nights when I eat by myself and I go for a sub or Chinese food because of the convenience of the whole thing. If I could eliminate both of those meals I think I’d have more money available for investing or paying down my mortgage.

Or I could go to my parents’ house and have my Mom cook for me. Now that sounds like a plan.

Tell everyone, yo!