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Nov 172010

Being the finance nerd I am, I watch a lot of business TV. Well, except Bloomberg. I don’t want to pay the extra 3 bucks a month or whatever it costs. The networks do a good job (for the most part) hiring people who are good journalists and who know their stuff. Luckily for me, some of those journalists happen to be attractive ladies. Unlike that time I wrote about hot female personal finance bloggers, this time I actually know the ladies are hot. Sit back and take in the action folks, this is gonna get creepy.

1. Amanda Lang

Formerly the host of BNN’s SqueezePlay, Amanda recently moved over to CBC Newsworld to host The Lang and O’Leary Exchange with her old partner in crime Kevin O’Leary.

It’s clear every time she debates Kevin on a financial topic that she knows her stuff. Amanda does a great job both keeping Kevin in check and providing a voice of reason when O’Leary’s rants get a little too far out of line.

I always enjoy it when a network will alter the desk just to show off the anchor’s legs. I’d just like to thank CBC for doing that.

As you can see by the picture fellas, Amanda is taken. Like any of us every had a shot anyway.

2. Becky Quick

Becky Quick is one of the hosts of Squawk Box, along with two other guys who we really don’t care if they have names or not.

Squawk Box runs from 6 a.m. until 9 a.m. Eastern time, meaning that for me to even catch the last bits of the show I have to get up pretty early. Becky is certainly hot enough to be worth getting up early for, so sometimes I watch while eating my toast before work. Insert your own “best part of my breakfast” jokes here.

According to the knower of all things, Google, Becky is married. Once again, sorry about your luck fellas.

3. Hilary Doyle

Hilary Doyle is the, uh, host star of BNN’s new comedy/investing introduction show Stock and Awe. I watched about 5 minutes of one episode one night and it was, shall we say, odd. I’m not sure I liked it and I’m not sure I hated it. I am sure I shouldn’t be judging my opinion of a show based on 5 random minutes of it.

Let’s talk about Hilary. She is obviously quite lovely with a great smile. BNN’s general manager called her “smart, terrifically talented and totally engaging”. While I may not be an accurate judge of that after the short amount of time I watched, I may have to start watching to find out.

No word on whether she’s taken fellas. Start composing those e-mails now. You know every woman dreams of being accosted by some loser she’s never met through the internet!

4. Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

Next up is the lovely (and Hispanic!) Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, one of the hosts of CNBC’s Power Lunch and one of the former hosts of Worldwide Exchange. Luckily for me, Power Lunch is on a little later in the day, meaning I’m fully awake to appreciate Michelle’s beauty.

Michelle is almost infamous for how right wing she is, which is usually a pretty popular stance to take if you’re a host of a show on CNBC. She isn’t afraid to push guest’s buttons or ask the tough questions. So if you like your ladies with a take no prisoners attitude, Michelle would be a good choice.

And good news fellas! Unconfirmed reports on Google has Michelle’s status as divorced. Maybe if you’re lucky you can be as big of a disappointment as her marriage.

5. Melissa Lee

I really had problems picking the last lady of this list, but I’m glad I could sneak Melissa in there somewhere. The host of CNBC’s Fast Money, Melissa is definitely one hot Asian.

I think my favorite Melissa hosted program was CNBC’s look at high end prostitution. I enjoyed that one on so many levels.

Honorable mentions go to Maria Bartiromo, Erin Burnett, Liz Claman and Amanda Drury.

And a special honorable mention goes to Jim Cramer. Just kidding.

Tell everyone, yo!

  15 Responses to “The 5 Hottest Women On Business TV”

  1. You got a winning post here. Yup, Amanda deserves the No.1 spot. Having said that, I personally prefer my investment news without the subtle sublimal stuff. In fact, being more or a long-term investor, I rarely have investment TV on.

  2. Jim is pretty cute for a woman. Just kidding.

    Well who would have thought it? Beautiful women who are smart? *Gasp*


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  4. Look at the curves on Michelle Caruso-Cabrera! Sign me up for a Power Lunch!

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  6. Too bad you don't watch Bloomberg. just go to their website and look for tv personalities. easily all 3 could be on that list.

  7. Probably one of the best blog posts I have ever read!


    My Own Advisor

  8. Uproar,

    You're hilarious!!

    I met Becky Quick once, and didn't recognize her as the gal on CNBC. She interviewed me in 2005 after I asked Warren Buffett if I could sleep in his garage. In real life, she looks more like the girl next door. My wife is prettier, so I'm lucky!

  9. Thanks everyone! This has been my most popular post ever, so yay for me.

    Andrew- You met Becky Quick? You asked Warren Buffett if you could sleep in his garage? That sounds like some kind of story. Have you posted about it? Would love to hear it.

    I think FB has a crush on Jim Cramer… :)

    Larry- Obviously the only reason I watch investment tv is to ogle the ladies…

  10. You are crazy man. Amanda Lang #1? She is pretty hag-like compared to Melissa Lee or Michelle Caruso. Hilary Doyle? What are you thinking there? I'm sorry you and I just have different tastes in women I guess. Becky is pretty good though. You should have put Erin and even Maria in there before Hilary or Amanda IMHO. Amanda Lang #1… I'm still laughing at that. Melissa could be a #1 in my book.

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  12. You forgot Megyn Kelly on Fox. She is smokin

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