Two posts in one day! Aren’t you kids lucky? Consider this your Christmas present.

In exchange for this awesome (read: not actually awesome) Christmas present, I’m asking for your input regarding the direction of the blog.

I’ve noticed that the stock analysis posts don’t seem to be very popular with readers. It’s the same thing when I talk about things like the Tenets of Investing or preferred shares or what stocks I’ve bought. Yet when I talk about things like tipping or mortgages or RRSPs, I get comments, retweets on the Twitter and generally more clickthroughs from RSS and email subscribers. There’s also no doubt in anyone’s mind that more people are googling personal finance stuff than opinions on my new favorite stock. The potential market for general personal finance stuff is much larger than the market for contrarian investing.

I still like the personal finance stuff, I’m just probably more passionate about finding those companies that are diamonds in the rough. For me, investing is about the thrill of the chase, about outsmarting the market and seeing through the noise and naysayers to find that stock that will do better than the index. It’s not really about the money, which I think is a feeling shared by most great investors. I’m nowhere near being called a great investor, but I’m trying every day to get closer.

What I’m thinking of doing is dividing the Uproar into two. This site would remain PF focused, posting on topics more accessible to the average person. The other site would focus strictly on investments, including my stock analyses, talk on interest rates, that type of thing.

Before we get any further, I am fully aware of the irony of splitting a blog into two that I hardly ever update. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Ideally I’d be successful enough at stock picking that I could charge for some sort of premium newsletter that could help me seriously monetize this venture. Even if I’m not, there’s definitely value in having discussion with investors of a similar mindset as myself.

What do you guys think? Would you read both blogs? PF nerds, does all the investing stuff just bore you, or do you enjoy the content? Please weigh in and give an opinion in the comments.

Tell everyone, yo!