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Mar 102011

Exactly one year ago today, I wrote a post about my favorite ladies in the personal finance blogosphere, titled Hot Personal Finance Blogger Chicks. I featured such bloggers as Fabulously Broke, Krystal from Give Me Back My Five Bucks, among other sexy chicks who have great blogs. Go ahead and click back to relive the awkwardness. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

These women are the epitome of sexy, since there’s nothing sexier than having a good financial head on your shoulders. They’re strong enough to voice their opinions in their blogs, even though those opinions may be unpopular. They’re smart enough to realize that living with debt is a bad idea and they’re determined enough to make positive changes in their lives to get themselves on a good financial track. If those qualities aren’t sexy, I don’t know what is.

Other guys must agree with me, because they’re mostly taken. I’ve never met any of those guys and I already hate them.

Like last time, these are listed in no particular order. I love all you ladies equally much. You’re all my favorites!

1. The Money Rabbit

I had a bit of an (awkward) online fling with Money Rabbit, mostly contained on my first Saturday Morning Dump when I creepily peeked over her fence while she was doing yoga. Even though I definitely weirded her out, she’s still actually nice to me, which is clearly much more than I deserve. She’s working hard at paying down her car debt, as well as saving for both retirement and a trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The only thing that takes away from her awesomeness is being vegetarian. Seriously, what’s up with that? Meat is so incredibly delicious. If it wasn’t weird, I’d totally pick up meat and eat it with my hands, growling like some sort of animal the whole time. That’s how much I like meat.

2. Yes I Am Cheap

The next is Sandy, the blogger behind Yes I Am Cheap, a blog that covers all sorts of finance topics (instead of just personal stuff). She got into some trouble with a failed business venture, but is slowly working at getting out of the mountain of debt she’s accumulated. She’s also the voice behind My Tenant From Hell, which was inspired by Sandy’s own crappy tenant. Don’t mess with her… Or she’ll bash you anonymously on the internet!

My Tenant From Hell has been kind enough to include both my bad tenant stories, The Creepy Roommate and The Guy Who Tried To Fight Me. Many thanks go out to Sandy for that, and for her awesome blog.

3. Landlord Rescue

Rachelle from Landlord Rescue isn’t really a personal finance blog, but screw it. I’m including her anyway. She’s that awesome.

Not only does Rachelle know the property management business cold, she’s also got the tenacity of a bulldog. She’s not afraid of a good fight and won’t quit if she’s been wronged. Her sassy personality comes through on every post, making her blog a very entertaining read. It is focused on real estate so if you’re not into real estate… Actually, just head over there anyway. You’ll thank me once you read a couple of posts.

4. Young And Thrifty

She’s Young. She’s Thrifty. She’s from Vancouver. And she’s damn sexy.

What I like about Y&T is she’s a little more advanced than a lot of the other finance blogs, talking about the stocks she picks for her TFSA. She just bought a house in Vancouver with her lucky BF, meaning my chances of breaking them up have probably diminished greatly. They’re being smart about their new purchase though, with plans to rent out the basement once renovations are completed. You guys know how much I like renting out basements.

5. Girl With The Red Balloon

Next up we have Red, who definitely wins the title of the weirdest title for a personal finance blog.

Red is a college student in her early 20s, who is almost unhealthily committed to paying off her student loan debt, while working on completing her degree. She just recently moved from an apartment to a house with her husband (dammit) and two cats. Even though she comes from the south, there is little evidence of any inbreeding on her blog, so that’s a plus. (Stereotypes are funny!)

I’m just kidding obviously. Red is a passionate writer who is kicking debt’s ass.

6. Balance Junkie

Next up we have Balance Junkie, a blog I literally just discovered a few days ago and am loving every minute of. It’s a great investing blog.

She’s a little older, so I’m going to label her the cougar of this group. She writes for Seeking Alpha, so you know she knows her stuff. She lives in Ontario, and I’m really looking forward to reading what she’s got to say in the future.

Did I miss any of your favorite blogger chicks? Leave them in the comments and I might get around to mentioning them in next year’s roundup. Worst. Tradition. Ever.



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  34 Responses to “Hot Personal Finance Blogger Chicks Part 2”

  1. Uproar,

    Let it be known that this is the funniest financial blog post I have ever read…hands down. In fact, it's one of the funniest things I've ever read on the internet….period.

  2. Hi Uproar!
    I'm a financial blogger chick too … 27 years old, with a boyfriend and brand-new mortgage on a triplex that I'm renting out to tenants. I've long been in the world of saving and investing, but new to the blogosphere, so please take a second to get to know me, and hopefully I'll be mentioned next year!

    Beyond that, I want to say that I love your roundup of the hot financial chicks of the web … it's such a great, lively way to bring energy and humor into a topic that changes people's lives!

  3. I'm the one who's blushing! This is probably the highest honor ever bestowed on this PF blogger. 😉 Thanks!

    • No problem.

      Once you graduate, you'll realize that moment pales in comparison to this. Okay, not really.

  4. Pssh… I'm so hot. But then so are these fine ladies. 😉

  5. I trust there will be a complimentary Stud Muffins of the Financial Blogosphere?

    As a father of 3 daughters, I say Keep it up ladies!

    • If I were to do a stud-muffin edition, it would probably make me gay. Sorry BCM!

      Three daughters, huh? When do I get to come for dinner? 😉

  6. What an honour to be included! For your next installment, I'd like to nominate a fellow cougar: Boomer – of Boomer and Echo. You can't beat her for common sense, no-nonsense financial commentary.

    Unfortunately, I think she might be taken too. :(

    P.S. Big Cajun Man has my vote if you do the Stud Muffin version! (He's taken too.)

  7. I'm glad you figured it out. Better late than never, LOL.

  8. I have to give props to Mrs. SPF, of course and I suggest you get to know Miss T @ Very cool lady.

  9. Your blog is just too darn awesome … I had to subscribe! I've seen you post elsewhere before, but this is the first time I've clicked. Very impressed :)

  10. Excellent – I just reread the first post too – very funny.

  11. I'm delighted to be included in your hot blogger chick round up! And here I thought I was getting a little long in the tooth… Of course you know that If I weren't married with a kid, I'd be all over you right? Yeah even If I had to fight the redhead :) I'd just tell her "You're Evicted"

    Thanks again

  12. Hahhahah! I love that you're continuing your series of hot PF women :)

    I guess it's true. We are all pretty much taken for the most part.

  13. Wait, wait, wait. I'm not married. So fellas, if you're financially responsible and your net worth is in the plus side, pop over to my blog. Meow!

  14. Sandy!! You have a boyfriend! lol is he chopped liver?

    Financial Uproar, you are AWESOME. I'm sure if these PF blogger chicks weren't taken (including me), we'd be all over you. You are so funny and witty! Screw the red head, but I'm sure you'll find someone deserving of your charm and great sense of humor.

    (did I make you blush yet?)

    Seriously though, you made my day when I read this post :) (didn't have time to comment because my life has been so busy, but have some time now!)

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  17. In case you can’t tell by this photo, I wanted you to know…I have red hair. 

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  19. You have a well written and informative blog especially for us.

  20. Dang it where’s the pictures?? I need instant gratification.

  21. Dang it where’s the pictures?? I need instant gratification.

  22. it’s a gr8 post. need to work on it so that yo or me or any one could make  proper financial planning…

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