The following is a guest post.

So you’’ve found yourself in a bit of a financial pickle eh? Has the turbulent economy joined forces with an unexpected medical, home, or auto expense to drain your wallet? This happens all the time, especially in the land of the free, and the sometimes overindulgent. It’s hard to prepare for the unknown, and it sucks denying yourself of fun with friends just because of a “What if.” But fear not, this is also the land of opportunity. And if you look in the right places, your quest for a quick buck might just turn into an unexpected revenue stream! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Sell Your Junk. Remember, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? We all have things lying around that are of no use to us anymore. What a great place to start! Have a garage sale, or throw some things up on Craigslist. There’s also a ton of local resale and pawn shops around. Hot items can range from a spare couch or desk to used lawn furniture or an old washer or dryer. This is a great way to grab some extra cash, or in today’s economy; some gas money. You would be surprised at what certain people are out there looking for, and what they’re willing to pay.

Pawn your Antiques or Collectibles. This can be very hard to do, because many of us hold so much special meaning towards our baseball cards, action figures, or grandma’s jewelry. But in the case of a financial emergency, we sometimes must do what we have to. In the case of pawn shops, you can often go back to re-purchase your items once you’re back on your feet.

Leverage Your Resources – Sometimes it’s necessary to tap into the rainy day fund. Although it’s not a recommended habit, it can be a temporary life saver. For unexpected bills, many of us have things at our disposal to help us immediately, or to at least buy us some time. A person can take out a car title loan, a home mortgage, a credit card, or even just request an increased credit limit.

Help out a Friend – Many of us overlook how we’ve given opportunities to people in the past who have been humble enough to ask. Offer to help someone with a project. Many people are willing to pay you for your time, especially with things that aren’t much fun. Things like: painting a house, building a deck, cleaning out a garage, or some lawn and garden type work are a great way to make some much needed money.

Many businesses and opportunities have grown from people trying their hand at something new. Whatever your own case may be, just realize that you’re not alone, and that there are a ton of resources out there to get you through the unexpected. The first step is just noticing what’s available, and being open to the possibilities!


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