For today’s post, I wanted to do something a little different than your usually scheduled programming. I hope you enjoy this look into where the magic of this blog happens. If not, well, screw you.

First of all, the majority of my blog work happens in the kitchen. That’s probably a little surprising, so I’ll explain further. It isn’t some sort of crappy food metaphor either. I actually have a desk built into my kitchen, just a couple of feet to the left of my refrigerator. Have a look:

The fridge is just off to the left, just past the second monitor. As an aside, if you don’t have a two monitor setup, you are missing out. It is truly delightful.

As you can see, my desk is relatively disorganized. There’s bills that have been paid, receipts for stuff that’s already been paid, as well as other papers I could probably just toss, but I don’t because I’m too lazy.

The two bobbleheads of Adam and Jaime from Mythbusters are probably the coolest thing on my desk. They both talk, which amuses the four year old inside of me to no end.

My favorite hockey team is the Colorado Avalanche and my favorite player has always been Joe Sakic, so that explains the action figures sitting on top of my printers. Above my laptop are my stock watch lists, one piece of paper per exchange. I don’t pay a lot of attention to them anymore, I need to make the decision quickly whether I’m going to fully index my investments or continue to pick contrarian stocks.

The light above the laptop is nice for when I’m working late at night.

Next, let’s take a look at the shelves above my desk:

Oh My God! I have so many hockey action figures! It’s almost like I have the maturity of a seven year old.

The hockey collection started with the ex-girlfriend giving me the Rick Nash action figure, (barely visible in the top corner) and grew from there. This picture doesn’t even show all of them, I’ve got more above my fridge. I’m imagining Fabulously Broke is feeling quite uncomfortable in a bed somewhere in China right now, now that I’ve admitted my collection.

Sometimes, I work on an additional laptop I have in the living room. Usually I putz around on it during the day once I get up, watching BNN or CNBC while I read blogs, watch Youtube videos, and whatever else it is I do when I’m bored.

My TV is pretty old. I bought it in 2001 for $500, and even though I’d love to get a new pretty flat one, I just can’t justify it until the one I have craps out.

The couch and coffee table are from relatives who decided to upgrade. Total cost to me: $0. The blanket I bought at Wal-Mart for the grand total of $2.

I really should have cleaned up the slurpee cup and Sunchips bag. But really, it shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone that I’m a slob.

Barely visible behind the TV is the most impressive piece of the hockey collection, an autographed Jerome Iginla stick. My Grandpa got this at a charity auction about ten years ago now, and was nice enough to give it to me. I’ve met Jerome, and he is nothing but a classy individual.

And since any episode of MTV Cribs isn’t complete without a look in the fridge, let’s have a look in mine. Starting first with the freezer:

The pizza you see costs $3 at Wal-Mart, and it lasts me two meals. Plus, it is easily the best frozen pizza on the market. And I would know, cause I’ve eaten all of them. Don’t buy the rigatoni pomodoro you see right under the pizza. Loblaws says that it’s spicy, but THEY LIE. You’ll also see a bit of bread in there, that’s cause the bread guy trades us chips for bread. Best. Trade. Ever.

Now, onto the fridge:

Wow! That’s one empty fridge!

I’m very much a eat one meal at a time guy. I eat it, then go out and buy the ingredients for tomorrow’s food. Since any grocery store is a 3 minute drive away from where I live, I’m quite okay with this system.

I like Diet Pepsi. I also like water. Those carrots are quite expired and I should probably throw them out. Will I, considering I’m sitting a scant two feet away from my fridge? I think you know the answer to that.

I have beer in my fridge, even though I don’t even like beer. Hey, I gotta be a good host. No, you’re not invited over for a beer. Stay away from my house, dammit.

So there it is kids, a small little tour of my house and where all the blog magic happens. Back to your regularly scheduled blog programming on Monday, including a GIVEAWAY!! You know it’s exciting when I use more than one exclamation point.

Tell everyone, yo!