Warren Buffett, is, without a doubt, is the most successful investor alive. As you’ve probably heard, he earned his fortune purely from investing, crushing the market over the course of the last 50 years, eventually reaching the podium as the world’s richest man.

In recent years, as Warren’s celebrity has increased, it seems like everybody wants to learn from the master. Whenever the Oracle of Omaha speaks, people pay attention. And for good reason, Buffett is sharp as a tack, funny, and is generally an entertaining speaker. Every May, shareholders fill a basketball stadium to hear the man talk for the day.

Luckily for us, the internet contains all sorts of videos of the greatest investor of our time. I’m about to present you with all sorts of Warren Buffett videos, videos that will most likely make you non-productive for hours at a time. Sorry about that. Try not to watch them at work. Without further adieu, here you go.

1. University of Florida MBA Talk


The quality is grainier than 70s porn, but it’s Warren Buffett answering questions for an hour and a half. From 2006, so some of the stuff they talk about is a bit dated. Still, worth your time.

2. Jay-Z and Warren Buffett Forbes Interview

I’m listening to this interview as I type this post. This has the potential to be really interesting or really boring. No word on whether Jay-Z is going to put a cap in anyone’s ass, but stay tuned. It could happen. Is that what the rappers still say? I’m clearly so uncool.

3. Charlie Rose Interview


Warren has been on Charlie Rose several times, this one being the most recent. This interview was done during the depths of the financial crisis, so listen in for his perspective of the whole situation.

4. Buffett and Gates At Columbia University

I can’t embed this video, so if you want to watch it, you’ll have to go to CNBC’s website. I’ve watched this special on the network, and it’s worth an hour of your time. Just please come back here when you’re done.

5. The Billionaire Next Door

Thanks to someone for putting this on Youtube so I can embed it. Don’t tell CNBC! This video¬†follows Buffett to China, along with fellow Berkshire Hathaway board members Bill Gates and Charlie Munger. The lovely Becky Quick accompanies the guys, yet another reason this Warren Buffett video is good.

6. Talk To Georgia Students

Back in 2001, a somewhat young-looking Warren Buffett entertained the students of the University of Georgia’s business school. The video has surprisingly good quality, considering how old it is. I haven’t watched this one, but I’m sure it’s good. Would I steer you wrong? (Wait, don’t answer that)

7. Charlie Munger University of Michigan Talk

Yeah, this last one isn’t one of the¬†Warren Buffett videos, but is still worth your time. Charlie Munger is a little underrated. He’s funny, has a bit of a potty mouth, and clearly has no patience for much of anything. He reminds me of the kind of guy who would yell at teenagers for being on his lawn. Still, Munger is clearly very intelligent, and this video is worth the 2 hour time investment. Plus, Becky Quick is there, and you all know that I’m a fan of hers.

So there you have it. Prepare to be unproductive for the next few days as you watch these Warren Buffett videos. It’s okay, I’ll talk to your boss/wife for you.

Tell everyone, yo!