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Jun 072011

Tweet I’m a little scared of what Fabulously Broke will think of this post. This is why I’m writing it while she’s off in whatever weird Asian country she decided to visit. If I am anything, it is a coward. I’m not minimalist per se. As you saw in my look inside my crib, I live a pretty simple life. I have a couch, a tv, 2 laptops, a whole bunch of hockey toys action figures, and that’s about it. I eat most of my meals from the microwave or Read More […]

Jun 062011

Tweet Since I talked about Nokia back in May of last year, a lot has happened with the company. Let me throw up a one year chart for your viewing pleasure:                   As you can see, it hasn’t been a good year for the Finnish phone maker. What’s happened over the past year? Recent Happenings In the early part of this year, Nokia finally decided to scrap their operating system for smartphones, choosing to enter into a partnership with Microsoft to use Read More […]

Jun 042011

Tweet I’m currently writing this post in the local McDonalds, the closest thing my crappy little town has to a coffee shop with free wi-fi. I’m doing this as an experiment, seeing whether I’m more productive when I don’t have TV/video games/free chips to distract me. It’s working out fairly well for me so far, I’m all sorts of ahead of what I usually am. I took the time to respond to emails, to research on how I can appear on Seeking Alpha, and get ahead on my posts. The Read More […]

Jun 032011

Tweet I am a male in my mid late 20s, so I grew up in the heyday of video games. I had an old 8 bit NES (Nintendo Entertainment System for you non-gamers out there) that I probably spent half my childhood playing. I extended the life of that system long past the introduction of newer systems, because I found I could spend my Saturdays scouring yard sales for cheap games. I ended up with close to 100 games by the time I graduated to an XBOX as an adult. Read More […]

Jun 012011

Tweet I’m mad kids, and this may turn into a bit of a rant. So be warned about that. Also, I had pizza for supper, and I am pushing out some NASTY farts. I just thought I’d give you that nice mental image. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you guys the story about when I bought my car. If I have, then you can skip this paragraph. The year was 2006. I was the ripe old age of 23, and after walking to work in a blizzard, I Read More […]