Way back in cold, cold January, I decided to entertain all you kids with my goals for 2011. Even though I’m not really a goals man, I figured I’d give them a shot. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

I divided my goals into both blogging goals and personal goals. As you’ll see, I’ve pretty much failed at all of them. Now do you see why I don’t set goals?

1. Increase monthly traffic to 5000 visitors by July 2011 and to 10,000 visitors by Jan 2012

Status: Oh yeah!

I actually hit 5000 unique visitors back in March, and I haven’t grown much since then, but I’ve maintained the level. I’m okay with that, but I’m not entirely happy with a lack of growth for three months. One thing I’ve discovered is that I’m not very good at being a publicity whore. I only tweet my posts once, since I really hate those people who tweet their posts 19 times. (A few times is okay. More than that, you’re annoying.)

Anyway, I’m going to try harder to be noticed out there in the blogosphere. There’ll be more comments on other blogs. I’m even going to try to hit some of you kids up for guest posts. This brings us to goal number 2.

2. Post guest posts at 15 different blogs

Status: Not so much

If I was on pace to meet this goal, I would have submitted 8 different guest posts. Since I’m clearly a slacker, I’ve only done 3. I’m currently working on a deal to appear on another blog on a regular basis, so I’m slowly working toward this goal. Saying that, I’m going to have to be a whole lot less lazy for this goal to actually happen. I’ll work on it more, but considering my work ethic, this probably won’t happen. Still, I’ll make an effort to appear on some other blogs. So keep your eyes peeled kids!

3. Post 3 times per week for 150 total pieces in 2011

Status: Oh hell yeah!

I’m not really sure what my problem was back in the later part of last year, but I neglected this baby for weeks at a time. I know that I hurt my blog’s growth by doing it, and I’d like to apologize to the inanimate object that is my blog. It’s okay now though, since I’ve been really good at posting throughout 2011.

I’ve done over 100 posts at this point. I’m on pace to crush the goal of 150 for the year. So at least I’m crushing one goal.

4. Have the Uproar Fund fully invested and get close to beating the market

Status: Horrible, horrible fail

Yeah, I’ve been slack at the Uproar fund. It’s tough to blog, write at other blogs, do all the admin work of blogging, and have time to watch 3 solid hours of TV a day. I think the Uproar fund might go away, replaced by a yearly post looking at my picks over the past year. Don’t worry though,I’m still planning on doing stock analysis posts. In fact, you’ll see another fairly soon.

Personal Goals

1. Increase both income and net worth by 20% this year

Status: Fail, but only by a little

Income isn’t quite on pace to increase by 20%, and neither is net worth. However, I’m having a decent year in both departments, so this one isn’t a total fail. Yes, my income is actually up compared to last year, and I’m a chip guy.

2. Make $15k in side income this year

Status: A bigger fail than my efforts with the redhead

I was working a part-time gig back during the first part of the year, but it went away. I haven’t replaced it with anything, with the exception of blogging. I’m on pace to make a few bucks blogging, but nothing close to $15k.

Where I have done well is with spending. Thanks to the weight loss, I now eat out far less than what I used to. I spend less money on stuff like processed food and junk food too. There’s no way I’ve cut out $15k worth of spending, but I bet I’ve cut out a few thousand bucks.

3. Touch boobs

Status: Uhh…

Do my own boobs count? Stupid redhead.

Tell everyone, yo!