You guys know that I don’t like to get too political on this blog, whichever one I’m writing for now. Oh, it’s my own. Awesome then. You guys don’t come here for my opinion on politics, and I don’t go to other finance blogs for their opinions of politics either. I am so sick of hearing about how awesome Ron Paul is. Seriously, the dude looks like a troll. He lives under a bridge. You’re living in a fantasy world if you think anybody is going to vote for that dude. Look at him. Nobody is going to vote for a man that ugly. Why do you think Hilary Clinton couldn’t get past the primaries?

Wait. Okay Nelson, just breathe. Don’t get too excited about this.

Anyway, I want to touch on an issue today that’s been eating at me since I caught a couple episodes of Drugs Inc. over on the National Geographic channel. And the more I think about it, the more it makes sense, at least in my head.

We should legalize marijuana.

How do I feel about pot? Quite frankly, I’ve never smoked the stuff, and don’t ever foresee any desire to do so. I think that anybody who uses drugs should really rethink that decision, unless it helps to relieve chronic pain. They’re called intoxicants for a reason – it stems from the root word toxic. Anybody who uses drugs (or alcohol for that matter) as a method to forget about their problems is nothing but a moron. You don’t forget, you only avoid. And avoiding problems only serves to compound them.

However, I do post all my scheduled posts at 4:20am, mostly because the fact there’s a time associated with smoking weed amuses the hell out of me. What happens if potheads are working at 4:20?!?!?!?!? Wait, don’t answer that. I don’t care to know.

However, I’m fighting a losing battle. In my very limited experience with marijuana, I am definitely in the minority when it comes to passing up a toke. I’ve witnessed all sorts of people who I’d never expect take a puff on a joint, usually after they’ve been drinking. All sorts of people regularly smoke pot, most of which also manage to hold jobs and be contributing members of society.

Unfortunately for most pro-pot advocates, they shoot themselves in the foot with many of their arguments for legalization. A popular one is that pot is less dangerous than alcohol – an argument that’s just plain stupid. First off, that’s like saying being shoved into a clean puddle is better than being shoved in a dirty one. You’re still wet, no matter what. And secondly, arguing that weed is less dangerous than alcohol is a pretty poor argument that’s it’s harmless.

Alcohol is directly responsible for traffic fatalities, domestic violence, all sorts of relationships breaking up, and the turning of many nice young women into promiscuous sluts, among all sorts of other bad things. I know more than one young woman who became pregnant because of a drunken hookup gone wrong. So to argue that pot is less dangerous than alcohol is pretty stupid. But, what can you expect from somebody who cares mostly about getting high?

Last time I checked, you could go into a store and buy alcohol and smokes (well, separate stores, at least in most of Canada) two things that anyone with a brain would argue are bad for you. Governments are addicted to the sin taxes generated from the sale of these vices. Until we pass a fat tax, finding a way to legalize and tax the sale of marijuana could generate billions of dollars in revenue, and take at least some of that money away from organized crime. It can take a illegal business at legitimize it, creating some jobs in the process.

In Canada and more famously California, pot is already legal for medical purposes. And I guarantee you people are gaming the system so they can smoke their precious pot without fear of reprimand. With unnecessarily tough marijuana laws filling our prisons, legalizing pot can allow us to reallocate police resources that would be better used elsewhere – like catching the guys who do hard drugs. Or pulling over guys who have a burnt out headlight. You know, the real bad-asses.

People often cite a reason against legalizing wacky tabaccy is the so-called “cool” factor. Smoking weed is presented as a ticket into the cool club, at least by youth centered pop culture. But if it’ll do anything, legalizing weed will make it comparatively less cool. One of the reason kids smoke weed is because every puff is rebelling against adults. Their parents don’t want them to smoke weed, so that’s exactly that they’re going to do. If you legalize it, some of that rebellion automatically goes away.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys partaking in smoking a little weed, chances are I’m not going to want to hang out with you. But that shouldn’t make you a criminal. Let’s just legalize it already. It’s really not that bad. But still, don’t offer me any. Or talk to me while you’re high. Hell, just stay away from me in general.

Tell everyone, yo!