Ladies, you know I love you all, right? I love everything about you. I love the fact you’re willing to spend extra time looking pretty, just so us guys will notice you. You all generally laugh at my jokes, which is appreciated. You’re generally much tidier than us guys. If it wasn’t for you and your nagging gentle prodding, us guys would live in piles of our own filth. You help us out with fashion, and our hair, and all sorts of other stuff that we’re not very good at.

Plus, there’s your boobs. They are, and I’m not even exaggerating here, the greatest thing in the history of ever. I like the big ones and the small ones. In fact, I think I like the small ones better, since the big ones always get so much attention. There’s nothing wrong with a nice b cup.

I better get to the point, before all the blood rushes into my extremities.

As much as I love you ladies, you all generally share a small little fault. It’s no big deal really, it’s just one little thing. As a group, you spend altogether too much money on crap. That makeup us guys enjoy so much? That sets you back like several hundred dollars per year. Your sex barely bats an eye about going out and spending hundreds of dollars on clothes. I know women who have several hundred dollars invested just in lingerie, because apparently they think guys care more about that than what’s underneath the lingerie. FACT: THEY DON’T.

Women also seem to collectively enjoy their wine, Starbucks, getting their nails done, going to get special mud rubbed on their face, and texting until their fingers are about to fall off. What’s common about all these vices? They all cost money.

Before we go any farther and piss off the fairer gender any more than I already have, it’s not just women who are guilty of spending their money on crap that isn’t really needed. Men are willing to spend their disposable income on everything from video games to cool electronics to cold beer to strippers, not to mention really expensive toys like motorbikes and jet-skis. Both sexes are just as guilty when it comes to spending their money on crap.

How many women do you know who are really serious about becoming financially independent? I have to admit, I don’t know a single one. Unlike Bigfoot, they actually exist, they’re just few and far between.

Women are wired a little differently than men are. Because they’re the nurturing half of our species, they don’t tend to look at accumulating wealth. Rather, they tend to be good at creating a welcoming environment for any offspring they may have. This is why they drag us guys to Ikea on Saturdays, and then make us put together that crap on Sundays. This is why they insist on painting walls that are a perfectly reasonable color. They can’t help it, they’re just doing their thing as moms.

This isn’t to say women aren’t good at accumulating capital, or saving money. I know all sorts of women who are quite good at it. However, women will always be fighting that urge to spend money attracting men and creating a comfortable space for their families to reside. Accumulating wealth will always be secondary.

Meanwhile, we have men. There is little doubt in my mind that men are better at amassing wealth than women are. Most of the world’s ultra rich are men. Most of the people working in the highest paid industries are men. Men still have deep evolutionary instincts to care for their wives, which usually means providing the money for their families.

One only has to look at about 90% of the couples in North America to reinforce my thesis. Generally the man is the higher wage earner of the family, while his wife takes on most of the domestic responsibilities. This division of labor will continue to exist for the foreseeable future, since it works.

What’s the point of this blog post? You thought I was never going to get there, did you?

There’s two points. Sometimes, one partner of a couple has to convert the other one to spend less. One spouse sees spending a lot of money on comforts as a way for establishing a nice place, either for themselves or their offspring. The other spouse disagrees, they’re more serious about building wealth. Sometimes, we have to break out of our traditional roles and realize that building wealth is much easier when both members of a couple are aboard.

And secondly, as humans, we’re conditioned to compare ourselves to our peers. When we fit in, our peers accept us, making our dealings with said peers much easier. Learning to legitimately not care about what our peers think about us is one of the most important things you can master on the path towards wealth. Not many of you will ever really master it, even though it’s so important.

Tell everyone, yo!