Because every good blog post begins with a rant, allow me to begin mine.

I am not that old of a person. Sure, my 20s are basically in the rearview mirror. I’m tempted to yell at teenagers approximately once a week, but that’s mostly because I’m an easily irritated curmudgeon. I can grow a full beard now, much to the chagrin of my mother, who does not care for said beard. Sure, I’m a grown up now, but I’m not old.

Saying that, in the decade in which I’ve became a grown-up, it seems like I’ve watched the ladies become more and more promiscuous. I’ve watched many of them go out and get drunk, (alas, alcohol is almost always involved) flirt with a similarly drunk dude, and end up having some sexy fun over at somebody’s place. Women used to be labeled as a slut if they bedded a different guy each weekend. Now she’s viewed as sexually liberated. Maybe I’m guilty of looking at the past through rose colored glasses, but it sure seems like sexual promiscuity has become quite normal.

I don’t really have a moral problem with this; I’m nobody’s doting grandmother. Women should be able to do whatever the hell they want, assuming their partner is consenting and no farm animals are involved. I’m typically nowhere near these types of situations, because drunk people generally annoy me. I like promiscuous chicks as much as the next guy, and would probably take advantage of one, assuming I didn’t have to put much effort into it. Yes, I’m even lazy when it comes to casual sex.

But as I get older, I prefer something a little more… structured. Call me old fashioned, but whatever happened to the chase? Whatever happened to the butterflies after the first date? Whatever happened to getting to know someone first? If all it takes is $50 worth of drinks and a few hours of my time to get a girl naked, what are my motivations for respecting her in the morning? Sex has gone from a physical expression of feelings to a simple exchange of orgasms, accompanied by a boost of self esteem, especially for the female. Hey, she thinks, I must be attractive if I can seduce this guy.

How does this apply to personal finance?

This is only a symptom of a bigger issue, our quest for immediate gratification. Want to go on vacation? Screw saving up for it, that’s what credit cards are for. A new car? No problem, just go down to the dealership and finance one. If you have bruised credit, just pay a higher rate. It’s no big deal, it’s only money. You can make similar arguments about the way we eat and the way we need to check our iPhones every time we get an email.

With the exception of the minority we’re part of, nobody saves for their retirement, nobody has an ample emergency fund, and nobody thinks of anything but the here and now. Is this because we’re better than the masses, or because we’ve figured out there are benefits when we save for the future?

With birth control and condoms pretty much universal, casual sex is basically without consequences – assuming you do it right. We all know someone who went without the condom in the heat of the moment and either ended up with a nasty surprise when they peed a few days later or a nasty surprise 9 months later. That is the worst case scenario of casual sex. If looking at a crying, pooping baby doesn’t make you stick a condom in your wallet, you are a special kind of stupid.

What’s the worst case scenario of living in the moment? That’s up for debate, since everybody has their own rock bottom when it comes to their finances. Some people turn their lives around after maxing out one credit card, others won’t blink when they’ve maxed out 3. Some people will finally get their act together after filing for bankruptcy, while others will get themselves right back into financial peril as soon as someone will lend them money again.

Random aside: there seems to be a movement in the blogosphere where people actually think it’s a good idea to finance vacations. I should really do a blog post about that. Talk about living in the moment.

Ladies, I am probably the last guy you should listen to when it comes to your body. Hell, I’d probably sleep with most of my female readers, since I keep striking out with my prospective dates. But maybe you should have similar goals for your sex life and your financial life. Living in the now is all fine and good, but if that’s all you do, you leave nothing for the future. And the next thing you know, you’ll wake up, on the wrong side of 30, without a man or a nest egg. Maybe when that happens, you’ll be desperate enough to sleep with me. I could go for some desperation sex. You know how to contact me.

Tell everyone, yo!