To make a long story short, I don’t know how to use a computer/do math. So, all of the results for the stock picking contest published on Monday were without dividends. Feel free to mock my lack of a frontal lobe. Lobotomys are fun.

Anyway, here’s the real results this time. I made a fancy spreadsheet and everything.

1. Sustainable PF 72.0%
2. Money Mamba 39.6%
3. Control Your Cash 33.0%
4. Thousandaire 30.2%
5. Budgeting Tool (formerly Fabulously Broke) 27.0%
6. Financial Uproar 24.7%
7. My University Money 17.0%
8. Holy Potato 16.8%
9. Nelson’s Buddy Dale 15.1%
10. Boomer And Echo 13.9%
11. Don’t Quit Your Day Job 5.8%
12. Young and Thrifty 5.2%
13. Canadian Personal Finance 1.5%

Congrats to Don’t Quit Your Day Job for their vault up the standings. I’m sure you’ve made Young and Thrifty cry.

Tell everyone, yo!