Across Canada, consumers are looking for different ways to save money in their budget. Many have already made common expense cuts such as reducing or eliminating their cable service plan, cutting down the minutes on their cell phone plan and more. With the country’s level of average consumer debt increasing in 2011 over previous years, it is clear that these basic budget cuts are simply not enough for many consumers. Living on a tight budget creates a situation where credit cards and other forms of debt are relied upon, and this can cause a situation with debt to deepen and grow worse. More creative money-saving ideas can be explored and put to use to save money and avoid creating new debt. Here are some great ideas you can put to use today.

Reuse Common Items

When it comes to finding money to pay off debts, every dollar matters. A great way to reduce your expense at the grocery store is to reuse common items. Not all items can be reused, but quite a few can. For example, you can use the same dryer sheet for several loads without having an issue with static electricity. Plastic water bottles as well as plastic sandwich bags can be rinsed out and used several more times. Other items like tin foil, the plastic containers that sandwich meat comes in and more can also be reused multiple

Feed the Dog From the Table

Many high-end dog food brands tout how their dog food is made from “people food,” and they charge a high-end price for you to give your dog such delectible meals. So why not give the family pet some table scraps from time to time? When the dog eats leftovers that people will not eat, the amount of dog food purchased over time will decrease. This can result in savings. Before feeding a dog table scraps, however, be sure it is something safe for him to eat.

Order A La Carte

Eliminating restaurant meals from your budget is one way to reduce spending, but most people do enjoy a meal out at a restaurant from time to time. When you review the menu, look for the restaurant’s a la carte options. Many times, you can create a meal that is more suitable for your hunger level as well as your palate by ordering a la carte. Why pay for extra sides that you won’t eat or three enchiladas when you only want one? A considerable amount of money can be saved by ordering a la carte at restaurants.

Invest in a Rain Barrel

Have you ever wondered why you would pay for something that falls freely from the sky? During the dry season, you can pay a fortune trying to keep your lawn and garden watered. When you invest in a rain barrel, you can store excess rain from the last big rain event to use during dry spells.

Consolidate Your Credit Card Accounts

Credit card accounts are well-known for having high interest rates. These high interest rates, coupled with a revolving loan term, can make it difficult to pay off your account balances. Each month, a large portion of your credit card payments contributes to paying off new interest charges. The debt you carry on credit card accounts creates a hidden expense in your budget that can easily be reduced. When you consolidate your credit card accounts into a single installment loan with a lower interest rate, your interest charges will be
reduced immediately. This means that your debt payments become more effective at reducing your debts. You may enjoy a lower monthly payment, but you also will benefit from a reduction in the amount of interest you pay each month.

Consumer debt is a significant issue for many Canadians. You can put some of these ideas to use to save money on your budget each month immediately. To learn more about debt consolidation for debt help and apply for a consolidation loan, contact a debt specialist at a reputable debt consolidation company such as

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