Stop chasing dreams. Put in the work and get paid for it. This is a guest post from Martin of Start Freelancing Now.

I was excited to hear that one of my good friends was getting involved in a small startup company in his field. He’s a bright dude and I can see him doing well one day. He was really excited about this new opportunity for the first few weeks. Then I heard nothing about it for a bit. I decided to ask him about his role in the startup company.

“I decided to get out. It wasn’t for me.”

That caught me off guard because I knew that he was pretty into this new project. So I decided to poke a bit more. Then he finally revealed why he quit.

“I’m looking for passive income. These guys are crazy! They wanted to pull 12-hour days and go all out with this thing.”

WTF? I suddenly felt like an idiot for suggesting that he read The 4-Hour Workweek. This guy is now chasing passive income while he makes NO MONEY. Here’s a no-brainer: working for money is better than not making any money.

Too many people are chasing the dream these days. The new dream is to make money doing nothing. Yes, you’re supposed to make money doing nothing. This is otherwise known as passive income (or no income). You setup a niche site or a business and then this whole operation runs itself while you collect the money and have threesomes on the beaches of Mexico.

You can blame Tim Ferriss or one of the many lifestyle design bloggers out there. Too many of us are chasing this dream. The only ones making money are those selling the dream. I’ve been a fool many times and purchased these guides. I’m not afraid to admit my mistakes when I make them.

I’ve been accused of selling the dream before. However, in my defence, every idea that I promote involves work. I don’t believe that you can start a backpack knitting business that earns you millions of dollars while you go rock climbing in some random African country.

I believe in doing real work for real money.

The thing I enjoy about Financial Uproar is that Nelson is not very diplomatic when it comes to calling out these people. I try to keep my enemies list exclusive for ex-girlfriends.

Where am I going with all of this?

You can make money online, create passive income, and go on many cool trips. I’ve done all three!

It’s just not going to come as easily as you think. You have to work for it.

I make money online by actually writing articles, selling advertising space, and promoting cool products. I don’t (and 99% of bloggers) don’t make thousands of dollars without doing any work.

You can have passive income. You just need to make some bold moves with your money. My main source of passive income is my rental property. But guess what? I had to actually save up for this!

I’ve been on many trips (three this year). I work for them though. I have a part-time job and I bring my laptop with me to stay on top of things.

You too can make money and see results. You just need to stop chasing dreams. Don’t quit your job, don’t write about how cool you are because you went on a trip (lots of people go on trips) and don’t be afraid of actually working for money.

Tell everyone, yo!