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Do you buy drinks for girls? Does it work? Yea, probably not. Now can you stop, please? No more buying drinks for random girls, Mr. Prince Charming.

Nelson wrote about renting women on here before. I pretty much disagree with Nelson’s views on sex because I love it too much (sex that is). It can be with my girlfriend or strangers (when single). Of course, it’s better with someone you care about. But casual sex beats no sex in my opinion. Now before I get carried away, let’s get back to the tie in here with sex and personal finance.

Personal finance is about saving money. Sex is all about spending money. This is why I wanted to write about spending money on drinks for girls every single damn weekend.

Why should you stop buying drinks?

I’ll tell you a story about buying drinks. Actually I’ll tell one story of an occurrence that happens pretty much every single weekend. This story involves my friend and perhaps an urban legend on the streets of Toronto, Pete The Greek.

I met Pete in college a few years. We ended up becoming drinking buddies. The only problem is that I’ve really cut back on my drinking lately. I prefer to go out sober because it allows me to drive home whenever I’m ready to leave and to save tons of money. Pete can’t go out without drinking a ton of booze. That’s cool. He just has this incredibly hilarious habit. Every girl who walks by he stops them with the following game-changing routine:

What’s your name? The girl responds.

What are you drinking? Of course she responds again.

Pete buys her a drink. Girl happily chugs the shot and the slowly plans her exit.

I must admit that it’s funny to watch because I once tracked the money spent on drinks and it was easily over $100. That’s a pretty expensive night out.

Why should you stop buying drinks for girls?

  1. Financial reasons. I wonder how many student credit cards have been maxed out on drinks? If you buy a bunch of drinks for random girls, you can easily blow a $100 in a night. That adds up over time.
  2. It doesn’t work. You bought a complete stranger a drink. What do you think she’s thinking? She obviously knows you’re horny and want to get laid. At the most, she might stick around for a fake conversation. More than likely she’ll chug the shot and walk away. Good job!
  3. Why would you want a drunk? I get the argument for alcohol being your friend when you’re nervous. But why would you want a completely wasted girl? That’s all sorts of trouble. I’ll leave it at that.
Before you think I’m a tightwad, I do buy drinks and give tips. I just don’t believe in buying drinks for random girls.

Is it every okay to buy drinks?

Of course. For friends, your girlfriend, or if a girl has already bought you a drink. There’s nothing inherently wrong with buying drinks. It just makes me cry when I see dudes all drunk buying shots for every half-decent girl who walks by. Imagine how I would feel if I was a frugality blogger?

What’s the point of this article? I want to stop this epidemic before it ruins us all. Stop buying drinks for strangers, gentlemen!

This was a guest post from Martin of Studenomics and Start Freelancing Now. Martin recently published a piece on how to increase your net worth in your 20s.

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