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Dec 312012

It’s the first ever Monday morning dump. Yeah, I know it’s late. It’s not my fault, I had to work yesterday so I can take Tuesday off.

It’s going to be a somewhat abbreviated version of the dump this week, since I’m going to spend a lot of time on the only top 10 list on the internet worth reading, the Financial Uproar Top Links of 2012. 10 links, 10 different blogs, and at least an hour’s worth of high quality content. Unlike all that crap here. Can you believe I actually wrote about investing in marijuana? If there was an internet police, my blogging privileges would be revoked.

Song I Like And Therefore You Should Too

Considering this is a yearly wrap-up post, let me present the song of the year, at least in my mind.

You’re not surprised, are you.

True story: My actual voicemail message is this:

Hey you just called me
And this is crazy
So leave your number
And I’ll call you back maybe

Simpsons Quote

Homer: (running away from a swarm of bees) OW! They’re defending themselves somehow!

Gambling Is Fun

1-2 last week. I have no idea what I can possibly gamble on this week.

Oh good, World Junior hockey is on. I’m taking Slovakia to cover against the U.S. (+3 goals.) I’m also taking Canada to beat Russia, straight up, as well as LSU minus 6 in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

Overall Record: 77-92-5

A Post You Might Have Missed

I’m not such a fan of dividend growth investing. How about looking forward, not backward, dividend growthers? I suggested an alternative. It’s pretty good, I plomise.

Nelson’s So Funny

I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation when I tweeted that. I know, you’re SHOCKED I’m that uncool.

The More You Know

No time for preamble. Hook me up, Wikipedia

Comala is a town and municipality located in the Mexican state of Colima, near the state capital of Colima. It has been nicknamed the “White Village of America” as the facades of the buildings in town have all been painted white since the 1960s. The historic center of the town was declared a Historic Monument Zone and the town became a Pueblo Mágico in 2002. As municipal seat, the town is the local governing authority for over 400 other communities, which also includes the former Nogueras Hacienda, which was the home of artist Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo.

It sounds like a nice place, until you get shot at by one of the drug gangs.

Dirty Word in Words With Friends

Dicks. As in, the plural of one male genitalia.

I’m “nelsmi.’ Play me. Or play with me. Either way, I’m good.

Babe Loosely Related To Finance

Let’s go with Faith Hill. Because why not?

I hate Tim McGraw.

Time For Links

This set of links is extra special kids. I went through all 51 previous weekly dumps. meticulously looking through each one, and narrowing them down to my 10 favorite. I then went through the top 10 and ranked them again, in order of awesomeness. This whole process took 3.2 years. You guys better enjoy it.

Honorable Mention. Are Single Women Too Successful To Find Love – Mochi and Macarons

A terrific post that begs the question: are single, educated, successful women sabotaging their love lives because they’re so successful? Are they shooting themselves in the foot? If there are any successful ladies reading this post, I totally won’t hold your success against you, unlike my body.

10. Money Should Not Be a Dating Deal Breaker – Tightwad Tales

Elle, the anonymous author, points out that maybe us personal finance bloggers are a little too anal about finding a partner who has their financial crap together. And she has a point – providing somebody hasn’t blown up their finances, I’d definitely date someone with less than an ideal net worth. Some things are more important. Like boobs.

9. Using Hotwire To Save Money on Hotel Rooms – Five Cent Nickel

This was the post that started a hobby that I’m a little ashamed to admit – searching Hotwire for hotel rooms and then trying to figure out which hotel it is. If you know what you’re doing, you can easily save $50 per night on a room. How if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to crack a Hotwire hotel that I’ll never step foot into.

8. Who Will Rate The Raters – DQYDJ

On BNN’s Market Call, host Michael Hainsworth constantly points out what analysts have predicted for a stock. The fine folks at Don’t Quit Your Day Job do a masterful job of pointing out why you shouldn’t give a flying crap about what any of them say.

7. Til Debt Do Us Part Is Ridiculous and Humiliating – My University Money

I’m sure Gail Vaz-Oxlade is a perfectly nice person, but her personal finance advice is more basic than the average Yakezie blog. Teacher Man makes fun of it. Go for the terrific post, stay a little while and read all the Gail loving comments.

Aside: I gave a married couple a copy of The Wealthy Barber for their wedding. Not only did they not read it, I saw them reading a copy of one of Gail’s books a couple weeks later. While I don’t keep close tabs on their finances, I’m pretty sure they’re not ideal.

6. Would You Invest In Yourself – 6400 Personal Finance

Up next is Dave from 6400 Personal Finance, a blog that’s on hiatus for the next 5983958 years. Which is really too bad, because it was kinda good. Dave recommends you look at yourself and ask an important question: if you were an investor, would you invest in yourself? As in, are you worthy of it? We all know I wouldn’t get a dime.

5. A Glaring Oversight in Passive Investing Strategies – Boomer and Echo

JT McGee is the smartest stock market investor I know, and I’m pretty sure he isn’t even old enough to facial hair. He guest posted over and Boomer and Echo, poking holes in passive investing strategies. And basically nobody commented on it, further cementing my theory that the best posts get no comments.

4. The Future Financials Of Archie Characters – Vanessa’s Money

This post is kinda dumb, but in the best kind of way. It doesn’t solve any money problems. It’s not profound, or educational, and it’s not going to encourage anyone to think of the big issues. But who cares. It’s a hilarious look at the financials of Archie characters. It’s not supposed to be profound.

Jeez, that was kinda serious. (penis joke)

Ah, that’s better.

3. Who Needs Retirement – Weakanomics

2012 will be forever remembered as the year the world didn’t end, for the fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling debacles, and as the year that 93,493 personal finance bloggers “retired” to a life of blogging full time. Weakanomics brings a really thoughtful argument to the debate, pointing out that instead of retiring, maybe you should just do work you enjoy.

2. No, You Don’t Deserve A Vacation – Timeless Finance

A year ago, I didn’t even know who Joe Wood was. Now we’re blogging besties who have totally seen each other naked met up more than once in real life. Like me, he’s tired of people with debt coming out of their eyeballs going on vacation. I could almost forgive this behavior in normal people, but not PF bloggers. It’s a terrific rant post, and I have a special place in my tiny, tiny heart for rant posts.

1. Area Woman Shares Her Action Plan – Control Your Cash

This post is the funniest thing you will ever read from a personal finance site. Stop reading this and go read that.

That’s it. Have a good year everyone.

Tell everyone, yo!

  8 Responses to “Monday Morning Dump: Yearly Wrap-up”

  1. My post was kinda dumb? Yeah well, *you’re* kinda dumb — and a mean, poopie face and [derogatory small penis comment]. Nah, just teasing, that post was hilarious.

    Thanks for including me!

    • This comment got sent to spam because you said the word penis. Considering the content of my blog, I’m a little surprised.

  2. Ha, at least you’re posting. I’m on the East Coast and I’ve seen Cameron and Bryan… and we’re all too lazy to post. The next thing up is our entry into your contest (which I’m winning, by the way).

    Thanks for the include, and happy New Year.

  3. Call me maybe, SONG OF THE YEAR.

  4. I didn’t realize there were 77 comments on that Gail bashing post. Nicely done, Teacher Man! She does have some rabid fans though….wow.

    Happy New Year, Nelson. I’m off to go throw some darts at 4 random stocks.

  5. That MUN post was fantastic. I enjoy TDDUP and have read stuff by GVO. I’ve met her and she is honestly the sweetest lady in real life, and she argues really intelligently about stuff like CMHC and yield curves. I don’t think the rigid TV program is a sufficient platform for conveying the entirety of her wisdom. But I remember lol’ing so hard as I read the comment: “Gail is Gail. You are you. There’s room in the universe for everyone… I now have to adjust out of this negative energy.” The internet is a dangerous place for soccer mom hippies.

    I’m also bummed about 6400PF’s long hiatus. Then again, he’s clearly not a man who suffers stupidity and there is just so much in the PF blogosphere.

  6. I’ll take it.. honorable mention for the win! :)

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