Every weekday, I wake up, (to Carly Rae Jepsen, because that’s the closest I’m going to ever get to actually sleeping with her) eat breakfast, go fill the chips, and then come home. I know, you are jealous of my exciting life. About half the time I make it home before 3 o’clock, which is just in time for my new favorite show, Market Sense.

Market Sense airs each weekday on BNN, at 5PM Eastern time. It’s hosted by the lovely Catherine Murray and the not-so-lovely-but-pretty-funny Randy Cass. They are pictured below.

Catherine Murray & Randy Cass

The concept of the show is quite simple. It recaps the action of the day on the stock market, inviting guests on to add to the opinions of the hosts. Both Murray and Cass know what they’re talking about. Randy is the founder of Orchard Asset Management, a Toronto based hedge fund. Catherine has years of experience in the industry, working for such heavyweights as Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. And yet they threw it all away to talk about finance for guys like me watching.

So why is the show so good? As I’ve watched over the months, each host has developed their own routine. Randy will crack jokes, often at Catherine’s expense. Catherine, the consummate professional, tries her best not to laugh at Randy, probably because she doesn’t want to encourage. him. This makes Randy’s jokes all the better. She is the perfect straight man to Randy’s class clown.

Every show begins with the two talking about the main news stories of the day, and Randy always gets barbs in at Catherine’s expense. Always. For the business channel, it is absolutely hysterical.

Market Sense then moves on to the guests, sometimes talking more about the big stories of the day or sometimes just talking about investments the guest’s firm think are undervalued. After a few segments of that, the show ends with the “Around The World in 80 Seconds” feature (which is basically just rapid fire headlines) and the two hosts combating again. It is an entertaining show among so, so, much dullness.

While we’re on the topic, does anyone else watch The Lang and O’Leary Exchange? Amanda Lang and Kevin O’Leary are entertaining in the exact same way. Kevin says stuff that he knows Amanda will disagree with, she gets angry and challenges him on his point, and he just keeps poking. Amanda is incredibly liberal, and you can almost watch her blood boil when facing off with Kevin’s over the top conservative views. I watch, and not just because Amanda is exceedingly attractive. (Although let’s face it, that sure doesn’t hurt.)

It also helps that it’s obvious that both Cass/Murray and O’Leary/Lang legitimately like each other. This leads to on-air chemistry, which is really what this is all about.

So kids, if you’re looking for entertaining business TV, you can’t really beat Catherine Murray and Randy Cass on Market Sense. It airs weeknights at 5PM EST and then again at 7PM EST. It’s worth your time.

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