Yeah, it doesn't have anything to do with anything. But it's Robocop.

Yeah, it doesn’t have anything to do with anything. But it’s Robocop.


Hey, remember when we had a stock picking contest? Of course you do, since you scour my archives with all the energy of the undersexed at the Playboy mansion. (If you ever visit, I’d recommend staying away from the grotto. You don’t know what kind of fluids are in there.) I asked 12 of my favorite personal finance bloggers (and Timeless Finance) for their four favorite stock picks. And they delivered the best of what they could pull out of their ass on a tight deadline.

When we last looked at the results, Holy Potato was running away with the contest, beating golden boy Motley Fool contributor JT McGee by a full 12%. Don’t Quit Your Day Job was stinking up the joint, losing 17% of their investment in 6 short months. Have the results changed? Let’s have a boo.

1. Holy Potato +54.3%

Wow. That’s all I have to say. Buoyed by a takeover of CML Healthcare (up 66%) and continued great results from Urbana Corp (up over 100%), Potato is running away with this competition. I’d recommend giving him all of your money. He’ll squander it, but like you would have done any better.

2. Money Mamba +26.9%

JT is killing it, yet is still a full 27% behind the saintly spud. All four of his picks are up, with small-cap Conrad Industries leading the way with a 64% gain. Still, I don’t think he’s going to win without creating some sort of Ponzi scheme.

3. Vanessa’s Money +17.2%


Thanks to MGM Resorts, which ended the quarter up over 75% from the beginning of the year, Vanessa has roared from 9th all the way up to 3rd. Now just go ahead and scroll down to the comments, where she just can’t resist gloating. Who gloats over 3rd place? Exactly.

4. Boomer and Echo +16.0%

Canada’s only mother and son personal finance bloggers are next, their solid results hampered by the foolish choice of buying a gold company, Argonaut Gold. That’s what you get for picking a company named after a crappy CFL team.

5. Mochi And Macrons +13.2%

She picks boring large caps and continues to finish just a little better than the middle of the pack. You only wish you could invest that well. She’s long TD Bank, I’m short TD Bank. I am not winning. She also picked Starbucks, knowing all the ladies reading this will keep buying those overpriced coffees.

6. Avrex Money +12.1%

I’ve met Andrew, the man behind Avrex Money. He’s nice, but is also bald so should therefore NOT BE TRUSTED. I’m watching you. His top perfroming pick was a mattress company, Sealy Tempurpedic, meaning he’s also lazy. So shifty, that one.

7. My Pennies My Thoughts +9.8%

Janine’s picks are performing solidly, even though I made fun of her picking Amazon and Westjet. And she’s beating me, so she’s clearly having the last laugh. I have a Kindle now, so YOU’RE WELCOME.

8. Thousandaire +9.4%

Ruth’s Steakhouse continues to perform while his gold and silver ETFs lag. He should celebrate by building a fancy vault for his gold out of steak. That’s a tasty vault.

9. Financial Uproar +5.7%

If it wasn’t for stupid Blackberry I’d be doing better. The old France Telecom (now renamed Orange Telecom) is up 15.5% and Pengrowth Energy is up almost 30%. But no, everyone has to remember Blackberry. If you guys need me I’ll be in Montreal begging Prem Watsa to increase his buyout offer.

10. My Own Advisor +4.4%

Even though his site is called My Own Advisor, Mark is, somewhat ironically, trying to blame his lackluster results on someone else. Like the dog. Or his wife. He doesn’t really care, as long as you don’t blame him.

11. My University Money +0.6%

Hey, at least they’re not losing money, right? You can do that easily enough by going to university. Get it? Cause they’re called My University Money? LITERALLY THE FUNNIEST JOKE EVER. They picked Apple. There are 8,000 publicly traded stocks on North American exchanges and they picked the biggest one. Way to overturn every rock, guys.

12. Timeless Finance -7.8%

Joe set out to lose this competition, probably because he knows he has no shot at winning anything, probably for the rest of his life. He’s sucking well, just not well enough. Because there’s one more entry, and they are…

13. Don’t Quit Your Day Job -9.7%

Heh. Don’t quit your day job, suckers.

Tell everyone, yo!