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As we reach the end of 2013, it’s time to pause, reflect, and set some goals for 2014. Or we can crack some jokes and look at almost naked girls from The Chive. Let’s do option B. And just like last year, the link section will be an offering of the best of what the blogosphere had to offer this year. That’s coming later. HEY, DON’T JUST SCROLL TO THE END NOW. THERE’S RANDOM CRAP FOR YOUR EYEBALLS.

It’s almost Christmas, and I’m pretty sure only one of you reading this has brought me a present. HOW DARE YOU. I bring all sorts of pleasure onto your screen, and how do you guys repay me? WITH NOTHING. My female readers don’t even tease me with offers of scantily clad pictures anymore, and only like two of my male readers kiss my ass in the comment section. After everything I do for you guys, I get nothing. I demand something, dammit.

Please send all letters to:

Nelson Smith
Wherever Taylor Swift Lives
Someday, Taylor. Someday.

Song I Like And Therefore You Should Too

In honor of Christmas, it’s One Direction!

Okay, it’s not One Direction. Instead it’s the 80s One Direction. It’s gonna be fun when Jon Bon Jovi buys the bills.

Simpsons Quote

Mr. Burns: Ah, Monday morning. Time to pay for your two days of debauchery, you hungover drones.

Smithers: TGIM, sir.

Market Call Guest You Should Watch

It’s been an interesting few days for the market, with the Federal Reserve starting tapering, Blackberry’s craptastic earnings, and me trolling dividend growth investors over at Seeking Alpha.

I like Bruce Campbell, of Campbell Lee. He’s a decent value investor, he seems to make sense when he talks, and he has a pretty awesome mustache. Hey, it beats a technical analyst.

A Post You Might Have Missed

I’m not sure you guys are aware of this, but this isn’t the only blog post I’ve ever written. There are at least 6 more hidden away in my archives. Don’t strain yourself checking them all out, you might pull an eyeball.

Just a few months into my blogging journey (which is like a regular journey, except 45 times lamer) I asked a bunch of other bloggers a question: If they could only invest in one stock, which stock would it be? This was back before the rest of the personal finance-o-sphere stopped speaking to me.

Nelson’s So Funny

Remember how Twitter unblocked everyone for about 8 hours that day? This happened.

 Dirty Word In Words With Friends

It was a good week(ish), as I played such classics as ‘boner’ and ‘shaft’. And then I giggled like a schoolgirl and embarrassed everyone within earshot.

If you want to play, my username is ‘nelsmi’. Your username is probably worse than mine. Unless it’s not.

Babe Loosely Related To Finance

Merry Christmas to all the dudes out there.


She should probably get a new bra. She’s gonna need that hand for something.

Time For Links

Here we go! It’s the top 10 links of 2013. No time for more preamble.

Honorable Mention: Canadian Dream: Free At 45 - You Will Never Eat Cat Food In Retirement

This post cracked me up. It’s actually cheaper to eat hot dogs and Kraft Dinner than it is to eat cat food. What a time to be alive. Although, apparently not for long.

Honorable Mention #2: Spring Personal Finance – RRSPs: Hunting Season

Many of the sheeple out there treat their RRSPs almost as another bill, contributing to them only when the season hits, and the banks start doing all those RRSP ads. Usually, it’s not a good idea to invest in the stuff the bank tells you to, yet RRSP season means plenty of people do just that, showing up and plunking some cash on whichever mutual fund they tell you to. That’s not such a good idea.

10. Money Mamba: Are Stock Analysts Worthless?

Let’s start off the list with a terrific post from the now defunct Money Mamba. Business TV likes to talk to stock analysts, except when you examine their buy and sell recommendations, it becomes pretty obvious that they aren’t that accurate. Why is that? They’ve got the access to company insiders, and all the info they could ever want. Click through to find out.

9. Thousandaire: What’s Better? Going To College or Making Pizzas

Yet another example of how you don’t need to go to college to be successful. There are plenty of jobs that don’t require a college degree. A  lot of them are even good jobs, especially if you work hard and stick it out at a company for a few years.

8. Afford Anything: The Anti-Budget

Here’s one thing I don’t get about hardcore budgeters. Look at all the work they do, just to accomplish the same thing as somebody who just saves 20% of their income and just calls it a day. That’s the beauty of paying yourself first, the simplicity of it. But hey, enjoy your budgets, suckers.

7. Len Penzo: How To Cope With A Spouse Who Walked Out And Took Everything

The title pretty much sums up this amazing story. It’s a heart-wrenching tale of being betrayed by the very person you trust the most. No jokes about this one, just a recommendation that you spend some time reading it.

6. Vanessa’s Money: Should We Encourage The Unemployed To Go Work In The Sex Industry?

This post isn’t so much about encouraging gals to become hookers, but to encourage people to actually commit to getting their asses off unemployment. This is a real problem in Alberta with laid off oilfield workers. They’re used to making $25/hr, so they won’t bother getting off their ass for a $13/hr job. If you’re on EI, ANY JOB should be better than the government’s charity.

5. Control Your Cash: Acquire More Stuff

Personally, I’m somewhat anti-stuff. I own most of the things I need, and can easily get more stuff if I’ve identified these new items as important. Saying that, I’m sick of this whole “experiences trump things” movement. If stuff makes you happy (and has a utility that’s useful to you) then go ahead and buy it. Travel is just the new bourgeois thing to do anyway.

4. Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Should You Major In Photography?

Do you know what I love about DQYDJ? They actually crunch the numbers. And then crunch them again. This post is the perfect example, taking an admittedly pretty trivial question and squashing any doubts that anyone should go to college to major in something dumb.

3. Save. Spend. Splurge.: Making Thousands From Virtual Millions

There are opportunities everywhere. You can either have a glass half full or a glass half empty attitude. Or you can make actual money from some video game, like Mochi did. A terrific post on finding opportunities in unlikely places.

2. Give Me Back My Five Bucks: You Don’t Have to Travel When You’re Young

Finishing as the runner up is Krystal, pointing out that waiting until you’re close to retirement age to travel is a perfectly acceptable alternative. Plus, if you wait, you might have enough money that you won’t have to hostel it your whole way across Europe. Your bedbug bite free body will thank you.

1. Darwin’s Money: Extreme Early Retirement – Mainly a Myth Except For Hippies And Drifters

It’s very possible to retire before you’re 40. But who would want to? It’s hard to go from a hardcore saver to not doing much of nothing. Darwin takes the time to crunch the numbers, and poke some legitimate holes in the retirement models of a few “retired” bloggers. A great read.

That’s it kids. Have a good year.


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