The hottest chicks on business TV bracket will be back tomorrow. There’s still time to vote on the first round matchups. Voting probably won’t get you noticed by any of these ladies, who apparently are too busy to Google themselves on a daily basis. You should still do it anyway. It’s a bracket. Everyone likes brackets.

Anyhoo, you may have noticed that I’ve been pumping out quite a bit more content around here lately. I am what the kids call a vigorous young go-getter. I assume, because I don’t actually know what the kids are saying. Don’t be jealous of my tightness with all that’s hip. Do the kids still say hip? NO MORE QUESTIONS.

I’m also contributing to Motley Fool, writing about the stocks and whatnot. You can go to the homepage and check out everyone’s work, or just go here to see everything that’s fallen out of my brain. I also share links sometimes on the Twitter (but honestly, if Twitter’s numbers are to be believed, nobody ever reads the tweets of people they follow, so don’t expect much) and now, I’ll do so via this weekly roundup.

The roundup will likely move to Saturday going forward, with the Sunday Morning Dump reappearing on a weekly basis. This is also where I’ll link to stuff I’ve written for other blogs, ensuring you kids get all the Nelson you can handle. It’ll be all Nelson all the time! Oooooh yeah!

Time for some links

I was looking hard into buying me some Torstar, the parent company of the Toronto Star newspaper. I wrote about it before on this here blog, I followed the stock off and on for a little while, and was set to buy some a couple of weeks ago. It was selling off, and I was waiting for it to go below $5. Prem Watsa came in, bought a bunch more, and now it’s on fire. Anyhoo, I wrote about it again. I’d also buy if it ever got back below $5.

Where I talk about how shopping mall REITs are still doing okay, even though the internet is kicking traditional retail’s ass. Like any good business, they’ve just started to explore other revenue options.

Remember how BMO cut mortgage rates last week and it was a big deal? It’s all smoke and mirrors. Here’s the deets.

If you like dividends, you’ll probably be interested in this article, where I take a look at three Canadian companies with unsustainable dividends going forward.

And finally, here’s another bullish piece on Blackberry, where I continue to have not learned by lesson. But P.S., I really like what John Chen is doing.

That actually isn’t a complete list. There’s more. Once again, go here to check out everything I write for the Fool.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the 1st quarter results for the stock picking contest.

Tell everyone, yo!