Oh hey, it’s the weekend, and you’re probably looking to go sip some sort of alcoholic beverage, with your feet up, sans pants. Good for you, slugger. You slacked off on the internet worked hard to push some widgets this week, and you deserve this weekend. But is this what you do with your spare time? The Masters is on. Fred Couples might win. Probably not, but he might.

Let’s get this finished and get you back watching sports, what God intended. Unless you’re reading this on Monday, in which case this guide will come in handy.

OMG! Did you see name of golfer on Sunday. How bananas was that thing name of golfer did? I laughed/was so mad/cried when name of golfer finally got to wear the green jacket.

Feel free to use that around the water cooler, non-sports minded people.

Time For Links

As you all know by now, I do some writing for The Motley Fool Canada, focusing on Canadian stocks. Every week I link to the best few, but feel free to spend some time on the site. It’s mostly pretty good stuff.

Big U.S. hedge funds are starting to talk about shorting Canada again. They’re concerned about our overvalued housing market, record consumer debt levels, and dependance on exports to a weakening China. I took a closer look at the trade and whether it’s smart.

Looking for a place to hide when the market goes through a correction? I’ve got you covered with some boring stocks.

Natural gas has some serious potential. Coal power plants are dirtier than my browser history, nuclear has the risk of going Chernobyl, and wind/solar power isn’t competitive without massive government subsidies. Oh, and it’s poised to be in a lot of trucks in the future. Go read some more words I wrote about it.

I wrote about two stock picks from my favorite market call guest, Benj Gallander, the Contra The Heard guy. Have I ever mentioned I’m a fan of his philosophy? Because I could take it or leave it.


I found some stocks with succulent 7% dividends. I also think they’ve got some capital gain potential. Usually people like those two things. Perhaps you might too.

And finally, I debunk the myth of the death of the mutual fund. Yeah, ETFs are making inroads, but there are still a lot of investors buying mutual funds. There’s a way I think works to sell them, and there are a couple Canadian companies that’ll continue to do a decent business selling that.

That’s it. See you kids tomorrow for the dump.

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