Even though I’m giving you guys 5 posts a week (6 if you count my half-assed attempt at recycling my old stuff), you still demand more. You people are more demanding than a mother insisting on taking a picture on prom night. MAYBE I DON’T WANT AN ALONE PICTURE MOM, SINCE IT’LL REMIND ME HOW PROMS ARE STUPID.

Last week in Vegas, I decided to go to the shop where they film Pawn Stars, and it was a little disappointing. I didn’t expect to hang out with Chumlee or anything, but I at least expected a nice place. It was about the size of a large convenience store, with the back half dedicated to telling t-shirts and other related merchandise. Even the stuff that was there wasn’t really that interesting. There was a lot of jewelry, a lot of watches, a bunch of coins, and a few other things. There were a few interesting pieces of sports memorabilia, but overall the place wasn’t great.

Still, it didn’t cost anything but a few minutes of my time. So maybe I shouldn’t complain. I could have bought a shirt like they wear on the show for $30, but I passed.

Time for some links!

Let’s start things off with some companies that are what I called “top secret” tech companies. They’re companies with old school main businesses, but are diversifying into some interesting new tech stuff. Alas, one of those companies haven’t yet bought this blog. One day, I will sell out for a surprisingly low number.

Shares in Automodular are selling at less than what I paid for them back in November. I still like the stock, and I still think there’s an easy 20% for anyone who buys the name now. I might have to add it to the Uproar Fund if it gets much cheaper.

There’s an interesting new technology being tested in China right now that captures the carbon dioxide produced from burning coal and pumps it back into the ground. It could be revolutionary to companies that burn coal to produce energy or who dig it out of the ground.

Farmland in Saskatchewan is up 89% over the last three years. Kids who were out of farming are starting to get back in the business. It seems a little bubbly.

Remember those ads the Canadian government ran bashing the domestic wireless providers? The government is trying hard to convince a foreign player to enter the market. Why isn’t this happening? I try to answer that question.

And finally, I take a look at whether a Netflix for sports would be bad news for cable companies. Spoiler alert: it wouldn’t be fun for them.


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