This is coming a few hours late, mostly because I slept in (after a vigorous night of hotel swimming pool shenanigans and nachos) and because I got sucked into another dividend growth investing debate over at a particular stock analysis website. Dammit, I hate these debates so much. But they are like my Kryptonite. I just can’t stay away.

Speaking of the stocks, I bought a new one for the Uproar Fund last week. You’ll hear about that next week, since it’s up quite a bit from where I bought it. And I had another reader question about another stock which we’ll educate ourselves on. It’s shaping up to be the best week since that week I didn’t write a thing. Ah, what a time to be alive. For me. Not so much for you.

I suppose that’s enough preamble. It’s the weekend, and your eyeballs don’t want to work any harder than they have to. Spring is the best time of year for sports, and they’d much rather be working to watch the Blue Jays lose again. That’s cool. Let’s link it up, yo.

Just a reminder, these links are exclusively to my freelance stuff over at Motley Fool. If you’re interested in Nelson’s electrons on your website, just go ahead and use the contact me form. Mucho kisses.

If you’re here and you don’t like contrarian investments, you’re either in the wrong spot or are a glutton for punishment. Because we all know I LURVE the investments other people don’t. I took a look at Bombardier’s shares – which are beaten up – and concluded that it wouldn’t be such a bad place to invest. Too much debt for my liking, but it’s got potential.

Speaking of contrarian investments, I found two beaten up power generation companies that I think have potential. I like to pretend a nice lightbulb appeared over top of my head when I got the idea to write about power, but it turns out it was just the flashlight app on my phone.

I’m not such a fan of Tim Horton’s shares. I am a fan of their apple fritters though. And the chili isn’t bad either.

Just jonesing to get into that sweet, sweet, renting out property game even though Canadian condos are so overvalued that most don’t even cash flow enough to cover the interest on the mortgage? I would hope not, but if you are, I wrote about some REITs you should buy instead.

And finally, did you guys know that stocks that split their shares generally outperform the market for a year or two afterwards? Is that because they split their shares, or because of something else? Do some clicking to find out.

And that’s it. See you guys back here tomorrow for our Sunday fun.

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