Geez, we’ve done seven of these things already? Time flies when you’re sitting on the couch in your underwear watching Pawn Stars.

I like the stuff on that show. They have lots of cool old items. It makes me want to go to garage sales to find some cool old stuff, but then I realize how much crap I’d have to sift through and I immediately want to bash my head against the wall.

When I was a kid, my parents bought me a Nintendo, the first one. I spent many hours of my childhood trying to beat stupid games or trying to beat my low score in NES Open, my favorite golf game. I probably should have spent more time outdoors playing actual golf, but whatever. It’s not like I wouldn’t have squandered those hours doing something else pointless – like this blog.

Back in about 2003, I had moved onto playing games on my newly purchased PC (which my dad still uses, because he’s old), so my old NES sat and collected dust. I was on a bit of an eBay kick at the time, my first foray into trying to make money on the internet. I decided to sell my system and the 50 or so games I had accumulated. I listed it, and if I remember correctly, I got about $150 for the whole package once it sold. The buyer was a video game store somewhere in the U.S., which was clearly going to separate out the whole package and resell it.

Now, a decade later, I sometimes think I’d like to get my collection back. But really, it’s kinda dumb. I downloaded an emulator and a whole bunch of games, and went nuts. I don’t have to dedicate a bunch of space to store the games, or spend the time buying them all, or anything. I just crack open my laptop, find my controller, and lose a couple of hours in the world of Zelda or Mega Man. You can even buy a replica controller for all of $10.

Enough nostalgia. Let’s look at some stuff I wrote for websites that aren’t this one. Once again, if you’re a finance blogger looking for dumb jokes to fill up empty screen space, I’m your man. Send me an email – financialuproar [at] gmail [dot] com. Or just scroll up a little and use the contact me form.

You guys know what’s fun? Making wild and baseless accusations about the future. Like that we’ll have warp drive in 20 years. Or Nelson will still be alive in 14 years. Or, because this is a financial site, how about three companies that could very well be bankrupt by 2020. Unlike my morals, which went bankrupt a long time ago.

One of the big stories this week was watching everyone lose their mind about Investors’ Group and that ridiculously cheap 1.99% mortgage. You guys probably know what that motivated – yet another post about how much I think the housing market is overvalued. I’m just gonna keep on calling this until it bursts. I don’t care if it takes decades.

I looked at some of Canada’s top REITs. If you gave me $5,000 and forced me to invest it in one REIT, I’d probably pic Dundee (TSX:D.UN), owner of a bunch of good quality office buildings across Canada. Vacancy is a little high (at about 6%), which is suppressing earnings a bit. The payout ratio is above 90% currently, but that should improve with improved rental rates. In the meantime, investors are getting 7.5% to wait.

I took a look at one of Loblaw’s “hidden” assets, something investors forget about all the time. Spoiler alert: it’s something I talked about on this very blog before.

And finally, here are three medium sized energy companies that don’t get a whole lot of attention simply because they aren’t in the oil sands. I understand the appeal of the oil sands, but I’d probably invest in a non oil sands name if I was looking at an energy stock. Which I am. Which one? Oh, you’ll just have to stick around and see.

DUN DUN DUN. Cliffhanger ending. See you all tomorrow for the dump.

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