I bought new shoes this week, because apparently they don’t make size 13 4E width shoes in South Korea. THANKS FOR NOTHING, WORST KOREA. Yes, I have monstrously large feet. It probably makes me a freak. Super Freak will be my theme song.

Like a good frugal guy, I have basically one pair of shoes. I think I have dress shoes and I know I have sandals, but I wear my running shoes a full 99% of the time. I don’t care for sandals. Rocks get between my feet and the soles, and I have to show everybody my toes. You do not want to see my toes.

My current shoes are still in pretty good shape, but probably won’t survive the trip, hence the trip to the shoe store. Because of my aforementioned gigantic feet, I’m somewhat limited in what shoes will fit me. I pretty much have to have New Balance shoes, since they’re the only decent quality shoe that has the width needed to accommodate my fat-ass feet.

So I tell the guy my size, and basically tell him to go to the back and find whatever he can in my size, and I’d go from there. He comes back out with four pairs of shoes, and they’re all ugly as hell. They’re all bright blue and orange and neon yellow and I’m pretty sure nobody could hear me talking because the shoes were all so loud.

I tried on the least ugly pair, and walked around a little while to see how they felt. While walking, I found a stack of New Balance shoes that were 20% off. I looked, found my size, and started to get excited. Would they fit and not be uglier than this chick?

I cracked open the box. They were the exact same pair of shoes I currently own. I practically squealed in delight. I tried them on just to make sure, and about sixty seconds later I was on my way out, with shoes that cost 20% less than the first time I bought them 2 years prior.

Now I’m thinking I should buy a second pair, and this way I’ll have shoes for about the next 5 years. The store will ship them to me for free, and I know they fit and I like them. But does that make me some sort of weird guy who wears the same shoes for like seven consecutive years? What if there’s a better shoe deal down the road? These are the things I think about.

Onto the links!

Just a reminder, this is all links to my Motley Fool stuff. If you want me to write for your website, just scroll on up to the contact button or send an email to financialuproar [at] gmail. I’m also in the process of putting together a little freelancing website, which maybe I’ll link to one day.

I profiled a stock that’s up 1,726% since its IPO. Plenty of investors would pile in here, just because it’s done so well in the past. I wouldn’t buy it, but I have to say the company’s growth story is interesting, and I can see it continuing.

You know how the government is basically begging some company to come in and become Canada’s 4th national wireless carrier? We always think a foreign company will end up filling that void, but it turns out there’s a Canadian company that is quietly taking steps to roll out nationally. Here’s what I think the company’s chances are.

You guys know that I think Prem Watsa is one smart dude, and should really be mentioned in the same breath as Warren Buffett. I think a lot of investors would be better off if they just copied smart people. With that in mind, here are three stocks that he owns. I own two. I never said I was above stealing ideas.

A big story this week was the Canadian government finally conditionally approving the Northern Gateway pipeline, which would eventually allow Canada to export oil to Asia. The project is a great idea, but that doesn’t mean I’m bullish on Enbridge, the company that wants to build it.

And finally, keeping with the theme that real estate is kind of a crummy investment, I took a look at how an investor would have performed if they had bought some REITs a decade ago, rather than a house. The results are surprising, to say the least. OH, LEAVING THE KIDS WITH A TEASE.

And that’s it. See you guys tomorrow for the dump.

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