Oh no, it’s unlucky edition number 13. If a black cat crosses our paths, you’re all dead. Hopefully you sprung for the funeral insurance, so your old lady isn’t stuck giving everyone crappy sandwiches.

Anyway, this week was moving week for your favorite finance blogger, and let me tell you, it is a giant pain in the ass. Holy crap, I never want to do that again. Between renting a Uhaul (a better experience than last time, at least), packing up all my crap into boxes, and then throwing away all the things that we acquire that really have no purpose, there were a billion things to do.

And then there was the cleaning. Why is it that my fridge didn’t look too bad when it was full, but then it looked like a bag of assorted food ruptured all over the place when it was empty? And under my couch? Damn, there was practically a whole civilization living under there, with the dust and the hair and the unidentified beetle feasting on cereal crumbs from months prior. It’s no wonder why I was single for so long.

One of Uhaul’s rules is that you have to return the truck with as much gas as when you started. So I fill up about half way through, and clearly screwed up the math, since I put about 15 liters too much fuel in it. I started off the highway part of my journey doing the speed limit to save fuel, until it was clear I had filled the tank up too much.

So I did what any good ol’ rural Alberta boy would do — I drove that Uhaul hard to burn up that extra fuel. I floored it going up hills and accelerating from stop signs. I went over the speed limit. It was easily the most fun a person has ever had moving. And I didn’t even spill any of my stuff. Vanessa did a nice job packing.

Time for the links, yo.

It’s time for Nelson’s weekly roundup of Nelson’s Motley Fool stuff, brought to you by Nelson. Judging from the pageviews, none of you care. Which is too bad, because at least two of you could learn something. The rest of you are smarter than me, and I thank you for not bringing it up.

We all know interest rates are going to go up at some point. But when? History would dictate that we might be sitting in a low interest rate environment for years. If that’s the case, REITs should continue to do well.

When Canadian investors look for financials, the big banks get all the attention. If you look just a little harder, you can find some other financials that are a pretty decent value. Or don’t, see if I care.

Sobeys announced it was closing 50 stores this week. So I wrote about Canada’s grocery sector. Spoiler alert: even after acquisitions, the sector still isn’t great.

There’s still some crazzzzzzy stuff going on in Iraq, which has caused the price of oil to spike nicely. Here are some reasons why I don’t think this trend is close to being over.

Often, companies with large operations in emerging markets will trade at a discount to their peers, simply because of the instability of the developing world. I found three companies like that, and took a look. You guys will enjoy one.

And that’s about it. See you guys tomorrow for the dump.

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