I am a big fan of Knorr Sidekicks. Not only can you get them cheap (regularly on sale for a buck), but they’re the perfect size for lunch. You boil some water and milk, throw in the noodles, and BAM! 10 minutes later, you’ve got some tasty noodles. Sometimes, I even mix in some leftover chicken or sausages. I’m like Gordon Ramsey, but without the less swearing. Pretty much all the Knorr Sidekick flavors are pretty good.


Because I thought it would be fun, let’s count down the best Knorr Sidekicks flavors. Note: these are Canadian flavors. If I find out Americans have better flavors I will personally break into all your houses until I find them. This seems simpler that going to the store.

5. Tomato Alfredo

I used to eat this one almost exclusively, before discovering the wonder of the other 4 on this list. It’s mostly a tomato-y sauce, and the penne shells are smaller than Lindsay Lohan’s waist after a cocaine binge. Still, it’s a solid meal.

4. Creamy Chicken Fusilli

When I first tried that flavor of Knorr Sidekick, I thought I was eating chicken flavored ramen noodles. It was a little odd at first, especially with the shredded carrots that are also in the sauce. Still, I grew to like it.

3. Garlic Alfredo Spaghetti

Would it kill Knorr to spring for some pasta that isn’t so small? That’s the only complaint I had with the Garlic Alfredo Spaghetti. The sauce has a nice amount of garlic, and is pretty damn tasty.

2. Homestyle Cheddar

The cheddar flavor is sorta like Kraft Dinner for grown-ups. The noodles are bigger, and the cheese has a bit more of a kick. Warning: this one sells out fast. You might be tempted to pick up the store brand as a substitute. Don’t, it’s terrible.

1. Creamy Bacon Carbonara


Not only does this bad boy have a delicious creamy garlic-y sauce, but it also comes with real bacon bits. I’d recommend adding more because I am a gluttonous pig, but it’s good on its own too. What a delicious feast. Easily the best Knorr Sidekick.

Oh yeah, it’s time for some Motley Fool links. I know you’re hungry from the very thought of those delicious pasta and powdered sauce combinations, but you have to at least stay and read my other stuff. It’s the very least you could do…

Wait, I’m being told that most certainly isn’t true. There is much less you could do.

Never mind. Here are the links. It’s the best of what I wrote over the last week. As a reminder, I only post about half of what I wrote. If you want to see everything I do, just click on this here link.

As much fun as rising stock markets are, anybody under 40 should be hoping for a stock market crash. That gives you the opportunity to load up on stocks that are cheap, which is pretty much the way you make money in this stock market thing. At least, I think. I don’t know much about that kind of stuff. 🙁

Who likes dividends? (all the hands shoot up) Okay, who also likes undervalued stocks? (all the hands go down, except for one. He looks around and then lowers his hand too) Oh. Well, here are some undervalued dividend payers anyway.

Here are two companies with dividends less safe than a Soviet made nuclear reactor. I know! I always assumed the Soviets were known for their high quality merchandise too. Turns out we were both wrong. But mostly you.

You all like DIY projects, right? Whether it’s some tech dealie or putting together something from IKEA your girlfriend got even though it’s totally unnecessary, apparently us guys go gaga over this stuff. Well, why don’t you take it a step further and make your own pension plan using stocks that pay monthly dividends.

And finally, here’s a huge investing trend that you should probably pay attention to.

That’s it guys. See you tomorrow for the dump.

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