There are a few things I miss about Canada, now that I’m an intrepid world traveler hanging out in the land of kimchi and singing appliances.

I miss all the Canadian food. My tummy isn’t so happy after a lot of Korean food. (I think it’s a shrimp/crab thing, which I’m allergic to. The internet says seafood is used as a base here a lot.)

It’s hotter than the surface of the sun here. I miss being able to go outside without sweating my ass off.

And I miss my television, especially the large amounts of Blue Jays baseball and BNN I used to watch.

Fortunately, there are solutions to all these problems. The number of American restaurants in Ulsan is sufficient for my needs. They’ve got McD’s, Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Dunkin Donuts, and so forth. Hell, there’s even a TGIFridays. Guy Fieri approves.

As for the hotness thing, let’s just say me and the air conditioner are becoming good friends. If it wasn’t for that, I would probably have been reduced to a puddle of goo by now.

And while I haven’t found any way to watch my Blue Jays (short of shelling out for, I found a way to recapture my business channel addiction, with the new BNN app.

bnn app

The BNN app is great. It has a week’s worth of shows all ready to go, including my favorites like Market Call and Market Sense. Sure, you’ve got to watch a few ads in front of them, but what streaming service doesn’t make you do that these days? It also has blogs written by some of the on-air personalities, as well as all the day’s top business headlines.

Oh, the BNN app has more. It also has a recommended button, which gives you the channel’s most popular videos. It also has a decent enough stock lookup tool, which gives a good amount of info about a company. It even gives you a peak as to what the channel will be showing that day.

Every Canadian investor with an iPhone should have the BNN app. For every minute that you don’t download it, a puppy gets a tummy ache. You don’t want to see puppies with tummy aches, do you? I didn’t think so.

So I missed this last week. Apparently I was traveling or some junk. So allow me to condense two weeks of fun into one half blog post. Think of it as the least sexy version of a corset, ever.

Remember, this is all stuff I do for Motley Fool. If you want my words on your blog, just scroll up and hit the contact me button.

Y’all like dividends? Of course you do. As you guys know, I could take em or leave em, but I recognize there are a whole bunch of you that want to hug and kiss them. That’s cool, so I wrote this piece on some large (but sustainable) dividends just for you guys.

Remember how everyone hated uranium after the Fukishima kerfuffle? I think it’s sufficiently beaten up that people should take a look at the sector. Plus, George Soros just bought a bunch of the stock, so that’s gotta be helpful.

Back in May, I wrote a piece predicting that two Canadian companies would be acquired. This week, one of them announced that it was accepting a deal to get bought out, while the other popped on news that a rival was considering a bid. I am officially a jenius. Considering my impressive track record, you should probably bet on these other 3 companies being taken over as well. It’s practically a sure thing.

I continue to think that interest rates aren’t going anywhere for at least a year or two, and maybe even four or five, especially if the stock market sells off. With that in mind, I don’t hate REITs at this point, so I went ahead and recommended three of them.

And finally, presented without comment, I wrote something called Should Investors Even Care About Dividends?. I like that piece, and I think you should click on it.

That’s it. See you guys tomorrow for the dump.

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