A few months ago, right after I started writing full time for the Fool, I invested in a Globe and Mail Unlimited membership. It only cost a penny for the first three months, before jumping up to $19.99. I’ve gotten probably eight or ten ideas from reading about something in the Globe, so from that perspective, it’s probably been worth my time. Plus, I can write it off, since staying informed about the markets is a legitimate business expense.

So I guess you could say I spend a bunch of time reading the Globe and Mail. Or, as an old boss used to call it, the Glob.

But what’s really impressed me about the Globe is its top-notch company info pages. They recently redesigned them to put a lot of good stuff right on the main page, including price to earnings, price to book, PEG ratio, price to sales, and price to cash flow. Plus (and this is the neat part), it has quarterly financials dating back for up to 15 years, depending on the company.

There are two reasons why this is important. When you’re looking to figure out what a beaten-up stock is capable of earning, a five or ten year average of earnings is a good start. And secondly, you can look to see whether a stock with a low price to book or price to earnings ratio always traded that cheap, or if it’s just a recent phenomenon.

And best of all, it’s free. You don’t need the membership to access the info. The only thing members get compared to non-members is real time stock quotes. But really, if you can’t handle a 15 minute delay in stock quotes, you’re probably not the kind of person who enjoy’s ol’ Nelly’s ramblings on things.

Song I like and therefore you should too

They played this song at the Paris Baguette store the other day and I realized it’s been too long since you guys had the pleasure.


Simpsons Quote

Agnes: Seymour! The house is on fire!

Skinner: No mother, that’s just the northern lights.

Thing you should watch

Here it is. In all it’s glory. It’s my new favorite episode of The Simpsons. At least, assuming the embed works.

It’s Lisa the Vegetarian, and there are sooooooooo many good one-liners. I’m not sure why you’re even reading this and not watching the episode. Is there something wrong with you? Mentally, perhaps?

Post you might have missed

You probably didn’t notice, but there have been a few changes around here this week. I added a disclosure/privacy, changed about the about page, and of course added the new spiffy header. It’s the most changes this blog has gone through since those few months my background was hardwood floors. Let’s not remember that.

I’m a firm believer that finance blogs should talk about finance, so I didn’t put this on the homepage, but I wrote some words about my first month in this land known as the South province of North Korea.

Nelson’s so funny

A golf and tennis tweet? I regret nothing plenty.

Funny picture

Like we all needed more proof Coke is going down the toilet.



Somebody’s getting fired for that. Although maybe it was the mythical Coke guy from the commercials who discovers Pepsi and then GOES CRAZY AND JUMPS OUT THE WINDOW.

Dirty word in Words With Friends

I played dusty. It’s not the kind of dirty word you probably had in mind, but a dusty vagina probably wouldn’t be the best thing.

My user is nelsmi if you want to play but I’m pretty sure nobody does although maybe some do and are just avoiding me like hussies.

Babe loosely related to finance

You know, I spend too much time featuring the younger ladies in this category. They always get the attention. But what about the older ladies for the older fellas? Let’s make an exception. It’s Jane Seymour, who is 63 years old.


I know, I know. She’s had ALL the plastic surgery done. But still. Yowza for 63.

Time for links

Long time readers know I’m a fan of Jim Rogers, who has traveled around the world twice (and written about it each time), investing and looking at businesses the whole way. Here’s a piece from the National Post which looks at some of his most timeless pieces of advice. Also he has a nice Alabama drawl and I want him to be my grandpa.

I think we can all agree that asking Reddit for advice on legal matters is a bad idea. Here’s the story of a guy who followed a dumb Reddit idea to really screw himself over in his own divorce case.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job reminds us of an important lesson, which is don’t chase yield. While I think that in a whole portfolio it’s fine to chase a little yield, it’s really dangerous to pick a stock or two to do it.

Oddball Stocks thinks more of us should invest in small businesses. Not your local store, but businesses that are worth less than $100 million. I agree, but don’t mind if you don’t. That just means more for ol’ Nelly.

Good explanation from My Own Advisor about the difference between a REIT’s book value and net asset value. You’d think they’d be interchangeable. They’re not.

And finally, a piece from Seeking Alpha about Canada’s overvalued real estate market. There’s nothing new in the article that I didn’t already outline a year ago, but the comments are interesting. It’s almost like the overvalued Canadian real estate theme has gone away. And that actually makes me more likely to think about getting back in and shorting, actually.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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