I’m in the middle of launching something new. You’ll know more about it next week during the official premiere, which is enough of a tease for you to be interested, but not so much that you hate me. Financial Uproar usually walks that line, actually. Just look at the dick jokes.

This project hasn’t required much in money (at least so far, it probably will later), but I’ve spent probably 20-30 hours going over the plans, setting things up, and so on. Throughout the process I’ve had doubts that I won’t even make enough on it to pay back my initial time investment, let alone make it a growing concern. But hey, I’m in a foreign land with time on my hands, so it was time to make it happen.

This is what I told myself. If I work at this for six months or a year and it flops, all I’m out is time. It’s probably time I would have squandered anyway, so it’s not a big deal. Like I’ve mentioned before, I intentionally set myself up with ample amounts of free time so I can work on stuff like this that is fun, and I think has long-term potential.

But am I looking at this all wrong?

I could always exchange that extra time for money. I could either hustle and take on extra freelance writing clients, or get my ass up and get a job. Assuming I could exchange my time for $15 per hour, the 25 hours I’ve already spent on this bad boy represents $375 out of my pocket. Another cost I have to consider is whether I’m the best choice for doing this type of work. If somebody can do what I did in 15 hours and I hire them out at the same wage, I could have paid out $225 while pocketing $375 at work.

And there lies the crux of the whole working for free thing, whether its on your own project or somebody else’s. Your time has value. I’d argue that, for most of you, it’s not worth your hourly wage at work, but it’s still worth something. And for a guy like me with lots of time and few responsibilities, it might be worth even less, but it’s still worth more than zero.

I can’t tell you what your time is worth. Hell, I barely know what my time is worth. Exchanging it for nothing is fine if there’s a potential reward down the road or if it’s something you enjoy doing. But don’t give it away for nothing unless it’s something that’s worth it. And if you’re me, hire more stuff out.

Time for freelance links

It’s your usual Saturday reading, consisting of your ol’ pal Nelson’s freelance links. He’s a Fool. As in, a Motley Fool. He’s also clever, and should probably stop referring to himself in the third person.

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I see exactly 47% upside in Bombardier. How can I be so precise? Magic mirrors. And Harry Potter spells. He’s a wizard, right?

This post was fun to write. I ask whether Tim Hortons should bet the farm on investing in a bunch of coffee serving robots. I would so go there more often if I could watch a robot pour coffee. I would also make all the Robocop jokes.

I generally don’t hate any of the oil sands plays. It’s an important resource, and electric cars are probably a decade away from mainstream use, at least. So I wrote some words about Cenovus Energy.

Speaking of the oil sands, I also talked about Inter Pipeline, which has some pretty good growth potential in getting that oil to refineries.

And that’s it. See you guys on Monday.

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