Oh, Danier Leather, you will be the death of me. I will literally suffocate underneath a mountain of leather coats. At least it’ll smell nice.

On October 27th, the company released its 2015 1st quarter results. And they were, in a word, craptastic. Sales were down 20% compared to last year. The loss increased from $0.93/share last year to $1.43 this year. Gross margins fell a bunch too, from 50% to 46%, thanks to discounting to get all of the old stuff out of the stores.

Management also talked about how they’re excited about new product coming in for the holiday season, but I don’t know if I’m buying it. I was thinking of cutting my losses here, only being down some 30%.

The company is also shedding book value pretty quickly. It was over $14/share when I bought in, and it’s down to just over $11/share. It has traditionally been profitable during the Christmas quarter, so at least a good showing then could help stem the damage.

Normally, I’d look at buying more as the stock falls. I’m not even thinking about it with Danier because a) the portfolio is already too focused on Canadian retail stocks and b) the last two quarters have been that terrible. There are other retail stocks I like (Hudson’s Bay Company, which I wrote a bunch of words about looks pretty attractive), and so the temptation is there to switch.

Anyway, stupid Danier. And even Reitmans is falling lately. If y’all need me, I’ll be hanging out with the indexers.

Time for links

Let’s start things off with Holy Potato, with a post called The Paradox of Advice. We all crack jokes about all the bad advice out there on the interwebs — after all, Finance Fox’s archives are still kicking around — but nobody pays any attention to the good advice out there. And there’s a lot of it.

Last week I linked to a post by Boomer and Echo talking about leveraged investing that had me as one of the “experts” interviewed. And then I promised more thoughts on that topic. You’ll get them, soon. Until then, go read part two.

More content I created for other sites? Sure, why not. Here’s an interview I did with Mint.

Over at Sustainable Personal Finance, I wrote some tips on how to save money traveling. No, not all of them are sleep under a bridge. Some of them involve sleeping in the park. Don’t worry, hobos won’t bother you. Unless you have drugs.

The New York Times thinks we should copy the Netherlands’ pension system. Spoiler alert: it involves more in contributions, which in America would be political suicide.

Let’s finish things off with Nelly a couple of times. Here I wrote why investing in gold is a fool’s game. It references Warren Buffett, because I have an unreasonable crush on him.

And finally, here are some words about investing in uranium. There are events a transpirin’ which look to be positive for the metal.

And I’m bored. See you kids tomorrow.

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