Every year, I invite some of the best personal finance bloggers (along with Financial Uproar) to participate in a stock picking contest. This year, possibly because 93% of the personal finance world hates me, I invited some readers to participate as well. Because hey, like this all matters, right?

Unlike in previous years, I’ll just list off the results and make some general observations, rather than going through each person’s picks individually. There’s only so many jokes I can make about My Own Advisor’s picks being boring without the jokes themselves getting boring. Unfortunately for you guys, that moment passed us all in 2013.

So here are the results. A couple of reminders before you look at them:

  • I ignored all currency movements
  • Stocks that are listed in Canada used Canadian results on the TSX
  • Dividends are included in the returns, but sometimes I miss them
  • And if a stock gets acquired throughout the year, the owner is locked into that return for the whole year
Rank Entrant Results
1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job 31.8%
2. Blog reader Jeff 11.1%
3. 101 Centavos 8.3%
4. Vanessa’s Money 6.3%
5. Save. Spend. Splurge. 4.4%
6. Money Propeller 3.1%
7. My Pennies My Thoughts 1.6%
8. Blog reader Doug 1.3%
9. Avrex Money 0.3%
10. Freedom 35 Blog -0.1%
11. My Own Advisor -1.2%
12. Boomer and Echo -2.5%
13. Blog reader Ben -2.6%
14. Holy Potato -2.9%
15. Financial Uproar -3.5%

Total return for the S&P 500 (including dividends): 0.9%
Total return for the TSX Composite (including dividends): 1.7%

Number of people who beat the S&P 500: 8/15
Number of people who beat the TSX Composite: 6/15

Well, not a good showing for your boy Nelly, that’s for sure. Mostly it was Winnipeg Free Press that dragged me down, falling 28% including the dividend. I bought at $2.25 in real life, which means I’m essentially flat with real money. Like with most of my picks, I was early on Winnipeg Free Press. I also got good results from Village Farms (up 20%) and Hudson’s Bay (up 7%). Blog reader Doug also picked Hudson’s Bay.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job should obviously be quitting his day job to start a hedge fund. Hot damn, it’s not even close. He’s beating the rest of us more than Adrian Peterson “disciplining” his son. STILL TOPICAL. Buoyed by picks like Valero Energy, Methanex, and Credit Acceptance Corp, he’s up 31.8%. His worst performing pick, Trinity Industries, is up a mere 27.1%.

Winnipeg Free Press is the worst performing pick of the competition. The second worst performing pick is Lightstream Resources, which dragged down Doug and Holy Potato. Lightstream ended the quarter down 25.1%, and it’s really starting to look like the company is close to bankruptcy protection. They need oil to recover, that’s for sure.

Anne from Money Propeller had a respectable showing from her all energy portfolio, finishing up 3.1%. Vanessa did even better by choosing Russian ETFs for two of her picks, which are basically just energy companies. It’s interesting how some energy picks helped (Crescent Point for Anne, and the Russian picks for Vanessa), while others didn’t, like Lightstream and to a lesser degree, Penn West.

Kudos to Liquid Independence for finishing the closest to zero I’ve ever seen. All that thinking about what stocks to buy, only to break even.

101 Centavos’s 3rd place showing was mostly due to Sturm, Rutger, and Company, which makes rifles, pistols, shotguns, and revolvers. YESSSSSSSSSSSS. Here’s hoping he goes out to the desert and shoots something in celebration.

Feel free to look at the total results if you want to see details on how everyone is doing. Send all math errors to NobodyLikesYou@Loser.com. Or the comment section.

Tell everyone, yo!