Oh boy kids! You know it’s exciting when I start cracking out the exclamation marks!

The year was 2010. I was more single than a Kraft cheese slice, stuck in a job that I didn’t particularly enjoy. Instead of working, I’d spend hours reading my favorite personal finance blogs, constantly thinking that I could do a better job than those dumbasses. I don’t know if I succeeded, but I think I’ve outlasted every single one of them.

So I started my own personal finance blog. Fun fact: Financial Uproar was almost Financial Aisle, which is a pretty stupid name. I think there might be a Financial Aisle WordPress blog out there if someone wants to find it. Fun fact 2: the fact that this blog’s initials are F and U is purely a coincidence. I briefly entertained the thought of starting a Financial Uproar podcast, just so I could call it Financial Uproar Chuckles and Kicks.


And now I’ve made it to 1,000 posts. Can you believe it? I’ve also written approximately 750 more for other sites, which is fourteen different kinds of amazing. At 800 words per post, that’s 1.4 million words. That’s the length of War and Peace 2.5 times over, but I’m guessing it had more dick jokes.

I thought about ways to celebrate this joyous occasion, like hiring a marching band or strippers, but those were either out of my budget or just plain not a good idea. So instead, we’re going to go through the top 10 Financial Uproar posts of all time. For those of you who are new around here, I suggest you warm up your clickin’ finger.

10. The Financials of Payday Loan Companies — If you’ve spent more than a minute and a half reading other financial blogs, you’ll notice a hatred of payday loans. I’m more on the fence about the whole thing. Sure, they suck, but they exist for a reason. It’s a really risky business to give dirtbags unsecured loans.

I took a look at the financials of the largest publicly-traded payday lenders. And surprise, the business wasn’t nearly as lucrative as everyone assumes.

9. Financial Literacy Should Be Your Own Responsibility — Every personal finance blogger thinks we should teach finance in school. None will acknowledge that we already do, and yet people are still terrible at it. I attempt to figure out why.

8. A Behind The Scenes Look At Dragons Den — They actually invited me to a taping of the hit show. They were mad because I revealed what ends up on the cutting room floor.

7. Finance Fox is a Dirty Plagiarizer — Long time readers will remember this one. It turns out another PF blogger plagiarized dozens of his peers for years before anyone caught on. Like only I can do, I made fun of him about it. Not surprisingly, it was my most controversial post ever, culminating in legal threats (but not from who you think!).

6. My Experience With World Financial Group — This is by far my most popular post, getting anywhere from 4000-6000 page views each month. It’s up to 483 comments, most of which tell me that I’m all wrong about World Financial Group. If you have a spare hour, go through them. They’re extra hilarious.

5. Buy Assets Instead of Going to College — This is pretty much my MO. It’s a step-by-step guide on how I turned the money set aside for my college education into assets that pay me every month to own them, even almost 15 years later.

4. 30 Life Lessons Learned in my First 30 Years — Here’s another fun Nelson in a nutshell post. I weigh in on all sorts of crap, everything from failure to wasting time.

3. F— You, I’m Short Your House — At the time, probably the best piece of analysis I had ever done. It was more than 3,000 words on why the Canadian housing market was in a bubble, and how you could short it. And yet, I turned out to be wrong — at least for now.

2. Guest Post: Tips For Maximizing Your Life While Paying Down Debt — Although I totally ripped off the idea for this post from an old Control Your Cash article, I think it might be one of the funnier pieces I’ve ever done. If you’re a debt blogger sympathizer, you probably won’t like it.

1. Money is Not Greater Than Love — Even though I lucked out and ended up with a lady who is as into money as I am (pro tip: just exclusively hit on PF bloggers if you want one of those), I think us as a group are a little too obsessed with making sure our potential mate is as financially savvy as we are. That’s bad.

And that’s it. There are some of you who have read just about every post, which really makes you question how much time y’all have on your hands. But seriously, thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, following, and Liking my posts. Nelson of five years ago couldn’t have possibly imagined how blogging would end up changing his life.

Here’s to another thousand posts.

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