Over the years, I’ve gotten into a lot of trouble for not being a “supportive” member of the personal finance community, which is really just a nice sounding name for a clique of people who happen to write about personal finance and have similar political views.

I have countless emails from readers and other bloggers filled with four letter words about how mean I am, and I can just imagine the words that have been said about me behind my back. For a supportive community, they sure are mean to the black sheep.

And yet, nobody even notices how each and every week, uh, two weeks sometimes, dammit, I dedicate a whole blog post to highlighting the best stuff I’ve found in the financial blogosphere. I lavishly heap the praise onto blogs I like, and nobody gives a damn. All they can remember is when I made fun of that moron who deserved it.

“Hey wait. You can’t have an opinion about my opinion piece! THAT’S NOT FAIR. My (public) blog is my safe space!”

Anyhoo, let’s stop that now, at least for another week until I find something else out there that’s incredibly stupid. These are 11 finance blogs you should be reading, presented in no particular order.

Money Time

Let’s start things off with Money Time, the newest entrant on my list. After years of suffering under the WRATH of Mike Holman writing as Mr. Cheap on Money Smarts Blog, John Ryan left Ontario, settled in the Midwest United States (that’s where the meth is!), and decided to start something like six different blogs. Money Time is the best, because like hell I’m reading something dedicated to raising chickens in your backyard. Call me when the chicken is dead. And deep fried. And covered with the Colonel’s secret blend of 11 different herbs and spices.

John has started off so well that I’m convinced whenever he falls into a bit of a blogging funk his stuff will still be better than 99% of personal finance blogs out there. Don’t think it won’t happen, Financial Uproar fell into a funk 14 seconds after creation, back in 1993. I’m not about to double check it, but I’m pretty sure those numbers are right.

Holy Potato

Holy Potato is an odd name for a personal finance blog, and John Robertson is kind of an odd guy. If you dig deeply into his archives, there is some weird-ass stuff in there.

There’s also post after post of pure personal finance gold. John doesn’t just half-ass his way through analyzing a problem like yours truly. No, he dives headfirst into stuff, delivering analysis that’s deeper than the level of shame my father feels when he looks at my picture. John is a research guy for a living, and it shows.

I think my favorite part of Holy Potato is that John isn’t scared to have an opinion. If he thinks something is hot garbage, he’ll say so. I’ve been in the crosshairs a couple of times, and my underpants are still a little moist from it.

Boomer and Echo

Boomer and Echo came on the personal finance scene shortly after Financial Uproar (THE BLOG YOU MUSTN’T TOUCH) was born. Marie (the boomer) and Robb Engen (the echo) surpassed me shortly thereafter, and haven’t looked back. I like to tell people that I could have built a site as good as Boomer and Echo if I tried. But here we are.

Marie and Robb have done a terrific job leveraging their site into something bigger, using it as a platform to get lucrative writing gigs, promote a successful niche site, and as a basis to form a fee-only financial planning business. I’m exhausted just writing that sentence, and they’re living it.

Oh, and the site consistently posts thought provoking, original content. Honestly, if you leave forever and just go hang out at Boomer and Echo, I don’t really blame you.

Spring Personal Finance

Speaking of fee-only financial planners, up next is Spring Personal Finance, the blog of Sandi Martin, financial planner in Gravenhurst, Ontario, the town best known for that time Rob Ford visited right after he did crack. Or something like that, like I’m going to check Wikipedia.

Sandi proves that blogging quality will always trump quantity. It seems like she only writes something once every few weeks, and usually doesn’t write a whole crapload of words about it, unlike some word-y bastard y’all know and love. That means the stuff she does post is usually pretty damn good. This is a lesson many other personal finance bloggers could really learn from.

Control Your Cash

Up next is Control Your Cash, the brainchild of Greg McFarlane and Betty Kincaid of Las Vegas, Nevada. And Maui. And Costa Rica. If those sentences aren’t proof they know a thing or two about getting rich, nothing is.

We’re now up to 18 months without a post from CYC, presumably because Greg got lost in the Costa Rican jungle after licking a brightly colored frog. Or maybe he lost motivation. Still, there are hundreds of hilarious posts in the archives that are worth your time. I’ve always said there’s only one personal finance blog funnier than mine, and it’s Control Your Cash. Okay, intentionally funnier.

May it forever rest in peace.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Ah, yes. It’s the blog title I’ve made the same stupid joke about for the last four years, Don’t Quit Your Day Job. And yet, I did quit my day job. HA I WIN SUCKERS.

The average personal finance blog is written by the most dangerous person in the world, the half-wit with a tiny bit of knowledge and some spare time. Don’t Quit Your Day Job is what happens when somebody with an actual brain decides it’s time to enter the fray.

The best part of the site is when PK uses his extensive NERD knowledge of software to build investing calculators. Just go and poke around for a while and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m starting to run out of words, so I’ll just say a sentence or two about these last picks.

Money Geek – Jin Won Choi is a smart dude and a really good investor. Read Money Geek and you will get smarter.

Young and Thrifty – Kyle Prevost is one of the best personal finance writers in Canada today. He consistently writes interesting, detailed, and thought-provoking stuff. Young, the former owner of the blog (and former “internet girlfriend” of mine) does the majority of the writing for Young and Thrifty. She does a nice job.

(I dumped her when she bought a Vancouver condo. Harsh, but fair.)

Afford Anything – It gets a little inspire-y at times, but Paula Pant has packed Afford Anything with practical wealth building tips, detailed analysis, and content you won’t find anywhere else. Plus she’s funny and surprisingly short in real life.

Vanessa’s Money – Yeah, I know, it looks bad that I’m putting my girlfriend’s blog on here, but screw that. Vanessa’s Money is filled with all sorts of stuff that won’t put you to sleep. I thought that before and I continue to think so now.

Oddball Stocks – If you’re into the same wacky value investing that I am, I recommend a visit to Oddball Stocks. Nate Tobik specializes in looking for investment opportunities in places nobody else will go. You might not find any investments, but you will learn something.

Honorable mentions – Garth Turner, Save. Spend. Splurge., Divestor, Freedom 35 Blog, My Pennies My Thoughts, and the (mostly) defunct Money Mamba.

Tell everyone, yo!